After Christmas Round Up

So, I still don’t have my camera (I’m working on it, I really am).  But I thought  I’d still share with you a few of my favorite Christmas things this season.

My first favorite thing: Miss R did NOT get a truck load of presents.  She got just enough.  And just about every single one is a manual-imagination-using toy (as in NO BATTERIES!).  She got a bunch of dolls and Princess type toys.  Which she has been playing with constantly, when not reading one of her new books.  She also got dress up clothes and wears those while playing with the dolls and reading them stories.  How great!

My second favorite thing: Ben and I had a great time with family this year.  It’s always short, but it was so nice to be with everyone around the holidays.  I loved making cookies with my mom and sister, and eating cookies with them too!

Third favorite thing: my gift certificate to Ivelise’s Yarn shop.  Thanks Ben for pointing Dad in the right direction while he was here.   I love my stash of wool for a new sweater.

Fourth Favorite thing: all the time I have got to spend knitting and reading.  I love vacation time.

My fifth favorite thing: Listening to Ben learn to play “Imagine” on our slightly out of tune piano.  Anything Beatles would have been great for him to play, but I especially love this one.  Keep going, you’re doing great!

Sixth favorite thing: Ben asking me to learn to play the guitar (we have an electric bass guitar from his dad) so I can play along with him.  I am still laughing about this one.  I think I’ll stick to sitting here on the couch singing along quietly so no one can hear how off-key and rhythm-less I truly am.

Seventh favorite thing: my house being CLEAN.  Ben and I have cleaned this house inside out and upside down this week.  We have boxes of stuff for Goodwill or a rummage sale.  It’s great.

Favorite things 8-47: All the friends and family that we are spending time with these two weeks.  I’m having a great time with everyone who has come to visit, or we have gone to visit.  I’m relaxed, stress free, and mostly happy-just like everyone should be at the holidays.

Hope everyone else is having a great Holiday!

One thought on “After Christmas Round Up

  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Totally can’t wait to see those pictures. And hopefully when you get your camera back you can take some pictures of all the knitting you’ve been doing.

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