Fat Quarter Swap

One of my favorite blogs to visit is Sew, Mama, Sew and this month, they organized a Fat Quarter Swap.  Fat Quarters are a quilter’s best friend (well, that and large print fabrics for backings).

They are small, fun and usually pretty friendly towards other FQs.  They play well together.

Anyway! I traded fabrics with 4 other people, who shall remain un-named unless they choose to pop over here and declare themselves. But I will tell you that my fabric swatches went to California, Colorado, Kansas, and Michigian (Southfield, so it’s the other side of Michigan).

I sent my buddies this pink fabric


It was bright and cheery and made me happy during this long, dreary winter we are having.  Plus it matched the hot pink flowers Ben got me for Valentine’s Day.

I can’t wait to see what comes in the mail!

One thought on “Fat Quarter Swap

  1. I’m a swapper, getting a sneak peak at what I’ll be receiving…hehe! I just randomly threw FQs into envelopes, and a bunch were green…so which FQ did I send you?

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