Not Talking

Baby is not talking to Miss R.

It happened this morning when she woke up.  Miss R woke up, and Baby was just not talking to her. She said she was grumpy because she was still tired (Baby, not Miss R).

Miss R spent the whole morning talking to Baby and trying to get her to snap out of her funk and talk to her.  It was really strange.

Then, just before she left with Daddy, she told Baby, “Stop being a grumpy-puss.”  It was just so darn cute.

I can’t wait to ask her this afternoon if Baby is feeling better.

2 thoughts on “Not Talking

  1. and…. was Baby feeling better today? : )

    Can we see a picture of Baby?

  2. I think I had one of those moments with Baby Bear.

    When he turned angry (part of his threaded mouth went missing making it into a frown).
    Locked him in my closet for a week and told mom..

    “Baby Bear is MAD AT ME! So he’s being punished!”

    Go Miss R for telling Baby to get out of that funk!

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