Oh dear…

Last night, Ben and I were sitting around doing what it is we do in the evenings (he was computering, I was crafting) and he made a comment to the effect of, “I’m so glad you haven’t found this site yet.”

My ears perk up, “what site?”

“This one.  It’s called Good Reads.”

“What’s that one about?”

“It’s where you can collect books you’ve read and talk about them on a forum.  Kinda like Ravelry.”

Well, wouldn’t you know it, I stop over there today, and just like that, I sign up and now I’m hooked.  It’ll be a huge time suck, and it’s not like I totally don’t have better things to do, but just look at that super cute widget!  It lists all the books I’m currently reading.  I may edit it later to be the books that I’ve just finished, but since I haven’t bothered to put in dates yet, all my books are a big ol’ jumble.

But I’ll get there, don’t worry.

Because if there’s one thing I enjoy more than crafting, it’s reading a good book.

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