It’s Official!


I got my letter this weekend, and away I go!

Now, I’m going to go shopping!  What kinds of things do I need for a month in Paris?

Well, this for one.  And maybe one of these too.  And I’ll probably name her Fiona, as in Apple, cuz that’s just funny stuff there.

I’ll more than likely need one of these as well.  (That one’s on my wish list along with a few other things, you know, just in case you were wondering)

I’m off to grin like a crazy girl for a few more hours! Here I come foreign country with lots of art!

4 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. I can’t see the photos!! wah wah wah..

    I am SO excited for you!! Now, if I could get my work to send me there at the same time… but it’s not gonna happen. Our headquarters was in Suresnes, now in Velizy. If you want, I’ll alert a few colleagues when you are there!! I took one lady, Anne, shopping when she was here in the US for riding chaps and other things for her horseback riding trip to Mongolia several years ago.

    So excited!!

  2. Perhaps your cousin Meredith, who lived there for several years, could suggest some spots too!

  3. Wow, that’s great news! :) Try watching the Little Mermaid (and other movies) in French with the captions – it has helped me in the past with my French. And Max does it with Chinese to brush up as well. Where are you staying? Max and I stayed in a studio apartment with a tiny kitchen and tiny bathroom on our 2 week honeymoon and it was really great for bringing back fresh food from the market.

  4. Take me with you! :)
    And I have to say…all that spanish you took through high school…what a shame. :P

    Anyways, Congrats big sis! I’ll be sitting at home very jealous of you and hoping you’re having a grand time looking at all the pretty parisian things!

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