4 Icon Challenge

I decided to start my DS106 assignments with this challenge because ever since Ben did it, I wanted to make (a better) one.  I’m not sure I succeeded, but it is 4 icons from one of my favorite movies of all time.

I created this in Adobe Illustrator.  It was my first time playing with Ai, and I kind of like it.  I’m much more used to drawing my ideas with crayons and markers and the extra added challenge of trying to create a graphic completely on the computer was fun and frustrating.

So, what movie is it?

Lights! Camera! Widget!

You may have noticed a new look to the site. This week’s DS106 assignment was to mess with your website. I’m sure they put it much more elegantly over there, but to summarize, it was mess with your website. So last night, I sat down and did some messin’ here. A new banner with my own photograph helps a bit. I’ll have to get a few more into the rotation. As much as I love the light show image, I think I’d like some more color here.
I also played with the widgets a bit over on the sidebar. There is some Twitter thing happening over there. I attempted to play with my flickr photos as well with a widget happily titled, “Hey, It’s a Flickr Widget!” However, it’s not playing well with others now, so it may have to be dumped for something more grown up. But really, it makes me sad that HIAFW would have to go, because, dudes, that’s a great name for a widget.
In other news, the latest Daily Create photo assignment was kind of fun. The description was to take a picture of raw materials next to a finished product.

This is a basket of some fun roving from various locations, a spun bobbin of some merino and finished yarn from Pumpkinhaus Fibers and some Funky Carolina tidbits.  Those two finished yarns will be knit into a sweater very soon.  Maybe I’ll even finish it this winter in time to wear it.


As part of DS106, The Daily Create is one of my favorite daily activities.  Today was “Make a recording of a lively laugh,” so I give you H, I couldn’t think of anyone better to record for this one.

H giggles by nikkapotamus

It took about 8 tries to get him to giggle because he just didn’t want to and kept telling me, “NO!”  I think it’s his new favorite word.  We’ve been through “yeah,” “woo-woo,” and “uhhuh” so it’s only logical that “no!” is next.


DS106: An Adventure in Storytelling

Ben has finally done it.  He’s convinced me to take this crazy class online.  It’s a for real class at a university, and it’s offered free to anyone online who wants to jump in and join the chaos.  I’ve watched Ben for almost a year, live, breathe, and try to explain DS106.  Sometimes it’s humorous and I jump right in to the assignments with him, and sometimes I get so lost in attempts at keeping me up to date with the insanity that the students and teachers take on with their role playing that I just throw up my hands and go knit something.

But this semester, I’m giving it a try.  My favorite activity so far has been the Daily Create.  It’s a take on the Daily Shoot wherein they give you a suggestion for the day, and you attempt to make something that vaguely follows the rules.  Today’s assignment: Take an extreme close up of an easily recognizable object.  I tried several times, and failed at what I thought would be a clever picture.

Here’s a close up of a dead plant in the backyard among the snow.  Ok, but not terribly interesting.

Here’s one of the yarn I spun. I like to take photos of yarn, but my camera lens is just not up to it.  Too much light, too little light, not close enough to really see the fibers.

I took a few of other random objects, oranges, cookies, shoes, but nothing really spectacular.

Then, I took this one of the book I’m reading.

This one could have been totally boring, except for the fact that the winter light coming through my bedroom window is making a nifty shadow on it.

The idea of looking at something so close up is not new, I do it all the time with kids in the art room. The only difference is trying to capture it with a camera rather than drawing it.

While I still “don’t get” DS106, I’m really digging the Daily Create.  This week we start actual projects in addition to the Daily Create and I’m wondering what is on the horizon.


Gator Wrastlin’

A short story.

Once upon last Christmas, our cousins who live in South Carolina brought the kids a gator.  No worries, this is a nice gator in her jammies.  She even has a baby gator that she carries around.  Now, one day, the big kid stole the gator and decided she wanted to sleep with her.  The little kid got it in his head that this was not ok, so he made plans.  Big plans.  Then, waiting for just the right moment, he snatched that gator!

And he ran off with her before the big kid could catch him. He dragged that gator up and down the hallway, around the house, through the kitchen, over chairs and finally into his bed.

Unfortunately, the big kid is smarter and has since staged a coupe and the gator is back on her bed.

The End

Rejected Christmas Cards

Some years, our Christmas cards are given, like in 2009 when we had a brand new baby to show off, or the year we captured a little Miss R hanging ornaments and it was the only picture that wasn’t blurry.  Other years, we try so hard to come up with something clever/cute/funny/Christmas-y that we have a hard time picking out a good one.

Here are a couple of this year’s rejects.

Just a little too dark, I think.

(Disclaimer: the boy climbs in there all by himself with no prompting whatsoever and likes the door closed.  He likes it in there, really.)

Ben says this one is just too corny.  Plus only a few select friends and family would “get it.”

(The inside joke is that I can only hear clearly out of one ear.  This was one of my dad’s pieces, and he couldn’t hear either.)

The more important part of this joke is that my dad would have found it hilarious.  I’m still holding out for this one.


Want to see the final choice?  Well, you will just have to wait until I get them back from the printer.  Then, you’ll have to wait until I finally mail them out.  You’ll probably get it by New Year’s.



Santa and the Carousel


Over the weekend, Santa came to visit at the Silver Beach Carousel.

We found him relaxing in the rocking chairs with some other people.  He looked really at home.

Miss R was so excited to go see Santa, but when we got there, shyness took over and she would not leave Daddy’s leg.

Donut, however, got into the spirit of things.

Yup, that’s the big guy giving the little guy a high five.  I totally missed the first half of the complicated man-dance of high five action that started with a fist bump and ended with some sort of complicated snap and gingerbread hand thing.

Donut asked Santa for a million Thomas trains (well, he would have if could say, “Santa, I want a million Thomas trains.”)  and Miss R froze up and couldn’t think of a thing to say, so she just mumbled something about pink and princesses.

After our visit with Santa, we did some coloring, snacking on popcorn, and of course, we had to ride on the carousel.

All the horses and bears were all decked out in holiday wear and all the lights had been changed to red and green.  The carousel is just so great!

Only 19 days until Christmas!


Today, we at the Rimes house would like to give thanks.

I’ll let you guess who is thankful for what.

We are thankful for good food, family and friends, trains, cake pops, and new twirly skirts. We are thankful for iphones, funny songs from children, pumpkin pie and grandmas.  We are thankful for health, happiness, technology, Quarto, and warm sweaters. We are also thankful for our far away family, squirrels who peek in windows, cake pops, and jobs.  We are thankful for our blessings, and the blessings of others, babies (who are not really babies anymore), little brothers, big sisters, and definitely cake pops.

Happy Thanksgiving

from the Rimes