Is 5th Anniversary Arachnids?

It’s our 5th wedding anniversary today, and to celebrate Nicole gets to tour through Paris; the city of Love, seeing fabulous art, and partaking in the best of European cuisine

I get to eat a couple of hot dogs and go work 8 hours at the book store.

Not one to be bitter, I went out this past Monday and did something I’ve been meaning to do for about a year now. At last year’s Krasl artfair Nicole wanted a nice piece of outdoor art. Our financial situation at the time was not great, so we settled on a small decorative outdoor metal scultpture. We took it home, Nicole eager to hang her pretty spider out in the garden. I took one look at the hanger, decided it needed to be adjusted, and promptloy broke the metal rod from the sculpture, making it useless.

Now I tried to solder it back on, but it wouldn’t take, and thus it lay on the kitchen counter for almost a year. As a small token of “I should have had this done earlier” I took the sculpture to a small welding shop this week, and now it hangs from the front porch, ready to dazzle visitors with our art savvy :)


P.S. Please pardon the quality of the image…our point and click digital camera is on death’s door :(

When Mommy’s Away…..

For the next 2 and a half weeks, Mommy Rimes will be in Paris viewing historic works of art, listening to fabulous music, and stuffing her face with all the bread and cheese she can find. As a part of her graduate studies, it’s being thinly disguised as an art history class, but I know better :)

At any rate, while she’s enjoying her time away from Daddy and Little Ms. R, I thought I’d take the opportunity to post a most fabulous picture of our first morning without Mommy to help get us dressed. Enjoy!

duck hat

P.S. We love you Mommy, and there will be more postings each day to remind you of what you have to look forward to come back to :)


Sorry, Mommy Rimes isn’t avilable today. After 4 hours on the road driving back from Indy, she decided to clean out her hope chest, reorganize a few storage cubes, and put away the rest of the Thanksgiving decorations. Not sure what got into her, but she’s terribly excited to be doing it all.

We’re going to get our Christmas tomorrow (for real this time), so we’ll move more to report tomorrow :)

say what?!

Overheard this evening in the Rimes’ household:

Daddy Rimes: Who does daddy love?

Little Miss Rimes: huh?

Daddy Rimes: Who does daddy love?

Little Miss Rimes: Daddy, you loves your monkey!

No idea where it came from, and I didn’t bother to ask; apparently, I really love my monkey, which I didn’t know I even had.

Father’s Day at Last

Today felt like my first real Father’s Day. I know that Ella is almost 2 and really I’ve gone through all of this before; first Mother’s Day, first Christmas, etc. This time around though is so much different. Now that she’s walking, talking (in her own gibberish sort of toddler way), and begging for me to play with her (which I love doing of course), it all seems so much more special.

When she gave me her card that she made at daycare, I gushed and gave her a huge hug and kiss and started her giggling and grinning. When I searched the house for my Father’s Day present, carefully following the clues Mommy Rimes had laid out for me, I carried her and we excitedly giggled and laughed when we found each of the three quite humorous bath-time photos of her (hair all spiked up from shampoo). And to reach the end of my search, to find a wonderfully framed photo of her from the beach last year made my heart melt.

I know that I’ve used just about every cliche I can for showing my affection, so I’ll just leave it at “I’m a very happy man today.” I felt very loved, and in return it made me want to love both my wife and my child even more. I hope that every father out there today had some small moment in which to share their love for the children or child.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Daddy Rimes finally got off his duff to put together a quick movie for Valentine’s Day. Yes, the editing is sophomoric, and my first attempt at making a slide show movie may be lacking, but it’s made with love…lots of love :)

Happy Valentine’s Day Mommy & Baby Rimes, I love you both!

Halloween Pictures

After Mommy Rimes’ not so subtle attempt to suggest I haven’t been doing my job lately, here are a few Halloween photos for everyone to enjoy. It’s really not that I haven’t been doing my job, I’ve just been really busy doing the job I get paid for, followed closely by the job I wish I got paid for, and then performing the job I love the best (being Dad). So, without further ado, here are pictures for you to enjoy. More photo albums coming for the main site soon! (I promise)

Here you go! Trick or Treat! Itch this hat does!

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