The Tooth Fairy has one more stop to make

All grown up.  She lost her first tooth on Mother’s Day.  She was doing a puzzle when she turns around to me with her hand out and her lips all bloody and her eyes wide with shock.

“Mom! My tooth fell out!”

Yes it most certainly did.  You have now joined the ranks of the rest of the 1st graders who have jack-o-lantern smiles.  My big girl is growing up.

After the tooth fairy visited last night (and left behind a bunch of fairy dust all over the bed), she informed me that she is so excited about school pictures NEXT FALL because she will have a whole lot more teeth missing.

I’ll just be happy when all of her teeth stop wiggling at the same time. She has 4 more that are about to join their fallen comrade in the next month or so.

I can’t wait for those pictures!

Gator Wrastlin’

A short story.

Once upon last Christmas, our cousins who live in South Carolina brought the kids a gator.  No worries, this is a nice gator in her jammies.  She even has a baby gator that she carries around.  Now, one day, the big kid stole the gator and decided she wanted to sleep with her.  The little kid got it in his head that this was not ok, so he made plans.  Big plans.  Then, waiting for just the right moment, he snatched that gator!

And he ran off with her before the big kid could catch him. He dragged that gator up and down the hallway, around the house, through the kitchen, over chairs and finally into his bed.

Unfortunately, the big kid is smarter and has since staged a coupe and the gator is back on her bed.

The End


I know it’s a day late, but here’s what I’m thankful for…

Spring rains and puddles to jump into.

Good books.

Growing up.

Safe travels.

Good friends (and carousels!)

Delicious Swiss yarn.

Family near and far.

Not looking like this anymore.

This little guy (who was only a little late).

This graceful girl.

And this rather excellent family.

There’s a whole lot more I’m thankful for, but if I add any more pictures, my mom will never forgive me for bogging down her computer connection.  Hope you all had a great year too!

The First Day of School

(as posted on the second day of school)

The ever important staged first day of school photo. Cute outfit-check, new backpack-check, stupid grin because Mom tells you to-check.

We walked to school.  Even though they called and offered us a bus.  Even though we live 2 blocks away.  We walked anyway.  It was a beautiful day and the birds were singing about going back to school.  At least that’s what I think they were singing about.  It could have been something about how delicious bugs are.

And a picture with Abe.  Because Miss R goes to school at Lincoln.  Get it?  Very cool.

She was super excited, and very shy on her first day.  Today, on the other hand, she was so excited that she started asking 3 hours before school started, “when do I go to school?” and continued every 20 minutes until it was time to go.

I think she likes it.

And I didn’t even cry.

Ducky comes to visit

While Piggy was in Geneva, his cousin Wapiggy came to visit us.  He’s not exactly the friendliest little pig, but he’s cute.  He went with Miss R and Donut to a birthday party this weekend.

It’s a little blurry, because little girls don’t hold still for long.  But you see that little girl who is not Miss R?  She asked to hold Wapiggy.  Little did she know what a scheming little pig he is.  After a few minutes, he convinced her to run away with him and take him far far away.

There they go!  And that was the last we saw of Wapiggy.  Sorry Piggy, but your cousin is on the run.  I don’t know when we will see him again.

However, our friend Ducky stepped up and promised to help us out.

He went to the library with us.

Ducky likes to read Elephant and Piggy books with Miss R.

He also likes to read Scooby Doo.

But unfortunately it was nap time.

Then, Ducky went with me to my clay class.

Ducky helped Nettie throw a bowl.  It was a very big bowl.

Here’s Ducky modeling some of my finished bowls and a pony.  The pony goes on the boat.

Here’s Ducky sailing the boat.  There is a series of three boats that go along with the idea of Lake Michigan’s Invasive Species.

Ducky is looking forward to more news from Switzerland soon!

Little Man

I just wanted to share with you the cutest little outfit.  What I have come to realize is that little boys do not have cute little boy clothes.  There is the typical baby wear-ducks, elephants, and other baby animals, or there is the big guy clothes made teeny.  For girls, it’s all baby stuff, or frills and flowers.

Here is Donut’s big guy outfit:

cute man2

Just look at the sweater! It’s so cute, I just want to eat him up.  He looks so Abercrombie. And those little pants have tiny little pockets!

cute man

He’s even got the big guy look.  “Hey Ma, quite takin’ my picture. I can look completely disinterested forever.”

Rocket Man

baby rocketman

Cutest baby slippers EVER!


They crinkle, and have little ribbons coming out the back and are just so silly!  Of course, Donut doesn’t like to wear shoes.  They cramp his style, man.  He likes to kick them off and go barefoot.  But in this house, it’s just too cold.

baby smiles

See? that’s how much he loves his rocket shoes!  Or maybe he just kicked them off and was thinking, “haha Mama, I got them off AGAIN!” Either way, that is one cute grin, dude.

Speaking of happy smiling babies, this little guy has just mastered the smile and giggles.  Of course, his favorite time to really get silly is at 4:30 am.  He was giggling and squealing and having a grand ol’ time this morning.  Mommy and Daddy were not impressed.  He couldnt figure out why we kept plugging him with a paci.  Even though it was so early, it’s still a hoot to hear him make those noises.  It’s much better than the, “I’m so tired and can’t sleep,” wail.  Although, even that’s not as bad as Miss R’s wailing when she was that size.

And, speaking of size…he’s 6 weeks old today.  He now comes in at a whopping 12+ pounds.  That is one big baby.  I think Miss R didn’t hit 12 pounds until she was 6 months.  I think we’ve got a big one here!

Randomness and a Baby

It’s been a long week.  And it’s only Wednesday.

snowy day

This is what 4 am looked like last Thursday.  It was super cold and snowy and early.  But that is when Donut likes to be awake.  At 4 am.  Until 5:30 or so.  Then I get a brief nap before everyone has to go to school.

I have been napping, baking cookies, and knitting on Christmas gifts.  No pictures of these since they are SURPRISES!


This is Donut’s preferred sleeping method.  He likes to bury his nose into his blankets and sleep all curled up.  I don’t blame him.  It’s really cold. Today, the high is going to be 23, but currently is only 19.  Yikes.  I think it’s winter.


Miss R has been playing Peggle.  It’s a highly addictive Pinball-esque type game.  She’s getting rather good at it. It amazes me how skilled she is with the mouse and the computer.  By the time she’s in 1st grade, I’m sure Ben will have taught her home row and she’ll be twittering her day from her iphone.

where's waldo

Here’s Donut on a particularly coordinated day. He reminds me of Where’s Waldo? only in blue instead of red.

Back to napping, feeding, changing, and trying to stay warm!