Week 41

Just in case you are not “in the loop” on the baby situation, here’s a quick update.  We are now past one week late, with nothing exceptional happening.  The midwife would like to induce next Monday if he doesn’t show up on his own before then.  After a thorough check-up, Donut is doing fine, there’s no stress or any other reason to hurry the process, so in he stays for a few more days. I’m not too stressed about it, although there are moments when I would really like to scoop him out RIGHT NOW, but those pass and I’m ok with the waiting.  Besides, I’ve gotten more crafting and cleaning done in the last 2 weeks than I would have if he was here with us now. (there’s always a sunny side, right?)

It looks like he’ll be a December baby now.  Which means, he’ll be one of the oldest when he starts school, it may snow on his birthday, it’s not too close to another holiday that he’ll have to share, and he’ll still get to wear all the super cute Christmas outfits that everyone got him!

black friday

Let me start by saying Happy Thanksgiving.  I sort of missed it this week because I was too busy enjoying the company of family and friends.  We had a beautiful turkey dinner complete with cranberry stuffing, green beans, and mashed potatoes.  Then there was dessert, let’s not even go there.  My tummy is still recovering.

We had a wonderful day, filled with catching up, discussing babies, and the biggest knitting needles I’ve ever seen (more to come on this one later).  I am so thankful for my family, my friends, my yarn stash, my creative impulses, my techie husband, my adorable pink twirly daughter, the gigantic lump in my abdomen that will eventually be my son, and the fact that I don’t want for anything.  We are in a house that keeps us warm and safe.  I have enough clothes to wear and movies to watch.  We live in a town that has a beach.  We have family that takes care of us, feeds us occasionally, tells us great stories, and loves us very much.  All in all, a very thankful day.

Friday however, was a very roller coaster day. One of those really big ones with loops and upside down bits. After almost a week of waiting (plus a few months too) Donut decided it’s time.  My water broke that morning and after a call to the midwife, she sent us to the hospital in the afternoon.

When Miss R was born, there wasn’t much time to really think about the whole labor process.  With this guy, I’m going to need some help, seeing as how I’m not having contractions yet.  I’m worried about how long and painful it’s going to be, plus I already know what’s going to happen to my body once he arrives.  ugh.

But then I think about how wonderful it’s going to be having another little baby in the house.  I think about how great it’s going to be having 2 children to love and cuddle and watch grow up.

Then, there’s the absolutely mixed blessing which arrived in my mailbox about a half hour after talking to the midwife.  I’ve been laid off from teaching.  It seems that when there’s a budget crunch, art isn’t on the top of the list of keepers.  So, I now have quite a bit of time to be a stay at home mom.

My first reaction was tears. Hey, I’d just gotten off the phone with the midwife telling us to head to the hospital, and then I get this letter.  Can we really survive with another person if I’m not working?

As it has really settled in, I’ve decided that I’m not really upset over losing my job.  I didn’t get fired because I’m a bad teacher.  Rather, I’m in a very specialized profession that is definitely on the border of what is deemed necessary by the state (Please don’t jump all over me, I know the arts are important in childrens lives, I do, but I also know that if they had to let go of a teacher, it wasn’t going to be the 2nd grade teacher with 26 students). What really got to me was that it wasn’t my choice.

I’ve been pondering being a stay at home mom for some time now.  It would be wonderful to watch my children and be here with them.  We can do so much.  All the fun activities that we have to smash in on weekends can now be done leisurely throughout the week.  Instead of coming home frazzled from nearly 100 students needing my attention, I can have just 2 children who need my attention.

With that kind of stress, there was no way Donut was coming on his own. After 4 hours at the hospital, they decided that my little leak wasn’t too bad, and the alternative was to induce me at 9 pm on a Friday. The midwife sent me home to wait for more contractions, or else Monday’s appointment, whichever came first. On Monday, we will decide whether we should induce this week in order to meet Donut, or if we let him (and me) wait it out. I’d like to say I’m going to let Mama Nature take this one over and just wait til he’s ready, but I think I’m ready to be done with the sore belly, and a week and a half of contractions.

Will keep everyone updated on the status of our little one and on the new adventure that awaits all of us as I learn a new profession.

Things to do while waiting for a baby brother (part 3)

*Go to Ivelise’s yearly Thanksgiving sale!

I definitely picked up some goodies today.  Along with some Happy Feet sock yarn and size 4 needles (I know, I can’t believe I didn’t have any either), I picked up a copy of Tops and Toes: my new favorite Christmas knitting book.

*Go eat some hot wings.

Yummy.  Some spicy, some not, but either way, a good start to heartburn this evening.

*Make a hat for a new little brother.

This is an umbilical cord hat from SnB: one of my other favorite knitting books ever written.

donut's hat

Mr. Mouse is here to help show it off. At least until Miss R came by and decided the Mr. Mouse didn’t want to wear a hat anymore.  Then, he was hatless.

Baby Watch 09: -1 days left.  I’m not stressing yet, but the contractions could stop anytime.  Or else get serious and accomplish something more than make my belly sore.

Things to do while waiting for a baby brother (part 2)

I spent a rather uneventful afternoon crafting again. Some mommies nest with cleaning, I am definitely a crafty nester.


I made some stitch markers. It was quick work, and I loved using up some of my stash of beads.  I’m not much into beading, but I do like having an assortment on hand for when I need to do something with some sparkle.


Some close-ups of the stitch markers.  Here’s a set made from beads that are magazine paper rolled unto a bead.  They were a gift from a friend.  They are a fair-trade item from Uganda.  That means that the women who made these beads were paid a fair wage for them (not like a Chinese factory worker) and the money they make goes to their families and villages.  I love them.  They are so colorful and beautiful.


Another set of mostly blue beads.


These lime green and turquoise blue glass beads remind me of a friend.  These are her two favorite colors.


And a set of purple people.  Miss R thinks they look like people.

Hooray for Christmas crafting.  These all have homes to go to when the snow starts flying.  How exciting!  Isn’t it great to get another Christmas gift knocked off the list.  I think my second most favorite part of Christmas crafting (besides making lots of fun stuff) is crossing it off the list.  There’s just something very satisfying about finishing a gift BEFORE Christmas Eve and having it in a nice little stash ready to go.

potty chart1

Besides Christmas crafting, Miss R and I made a potty chart today.  We decided to skip the traditional calendars and go for something much more fancy. This is a princess castle complete with carriage and horses.  Every time she goes potty, she gets a sticker.  We colored it in this afternoon, and she already has 3 stickers on it.

potty chart2

There’s Ariel peeking out of a window.

And that’s how we spent our Sunday afternoon waiting for something to happen to Mommy’s tummy.


As in Due Day.

There are still 9 hours left to get this party started.

Not a whole lot is happening so far.  I have been crafting. I have been “hanging” as my midwife has told me to do.  I’m planning an outing later this evening that may or may not involve bowling.

I’ve gotten a myriad of suggestions from friends, including (but not limited to): eating pineapple, raking leaves, playing on the teeter-totter, jumping up and down, smacking my belly like a ketchup bottle, pruning above my head, scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees, prayer, or eating hot wings.

I’m all for the hot wings suggestion.  But I’ll bet I can get some other family members to go outside for a walk with me too.

Will keep everyone posted on the upcoming arrival of Donut Rimes.

All’s Quiet…

After more than 24 hours of contractions, everything has stopped.  So now we are waiting around for baby Donut to decide he really IS ready to enter the world.  What am I doing in the mean time?

I’m knitting.

manly hat

A manly hat for a Christmas present.


A mouse.  He’s all knit, he’s just waiting for felting and some catnip.  Miss R does not like that he is purple.

“Mommy, mouses are NOT purple.  They are white or gray.” Too bad for her, this is the leftover wool I had on hand, so purple it was.

I’m also working on a baby hat that is almost finished, but didn’t take pictures of.

We went to Cafe Tosi for breakfast and had French Toast.  YUM.

And tonight, if all goes well, I’ll be heading to the movie theater with Sara and a bunch of other 30-something moms to watch “New Moon.”  Sara has instructed me to not have any more contractions until at least midnight tonight.  But she would bring a towel just in case.

big mama

That is one big belly.

3 days to go.

You’ve got questions…

I’ve got some answers! Let’s go to the mail bag to answer some questions.

Do you have a name yet? Nope.  We’ve got it narrowed down, but there is still some debate as to the actual name.  We probably won’t decide until Donut is present and accounted for.

What’s missing from the nursery besides Baby R? Since our bedroom is the temporary nursery, there’s not a lot here.  We have a bassinet (the crib will come later when he moves out) and all the “stuff” to keep a baby for the time being.  There’s really not a lot missing, it’s mostly down to fun stuff. Stuff like bath toys, music, chocolate (oh wait, that’s for me) and a dresser.  We could really use a place to store all this stuff we already have.

Can knitting be placed on top of Donut without falling? I’m assuming this means on my belly.  Why yes, yes it can.

Is your bag packed yet? I have 2.  One for delivery and one for after.  The only thing missing from both right now is the camera, a pillow, and more snacks for daddy.  It’s a good thing we live so close to the hospital.

How is Baby Schillio? A delightfully cheerful little fellow.  He is now crawling and chasing Tess-Doggy all around the house at the speed of lightning.  Tess thinks it’s quite the fun game.  Especially when she gets to lick the remains of lunch from his face.

Is the baby here yet? Nope.

Can I come out to visit? Of course you can.  But the longer you wait, the better chance you have of coming when there’s a baby and not just a giant lump of a belly.  However, don’t let that stop you.  You are welcome to visit anytime. Just remember, I may put you to work cleaning out a closet.  There are several I would like cleaned out and reorganized. If you bring me chocolate chip cookies, you may get to skip the closet cleaning part of the visit.

Is he here yet? Don’t be so impatient.  If I can wait this out, so can you!

Baby Watch 09: 6 days to go. All’s quiet.

Unfinished Projects

I have a whole stash of unfinished projects, and I thought I would share them with you.  Nothing like a little pressure from the internets to get things done. Most of these are Christmas projects with a few exceptions. With that in mind, I can’t tell you about most of them, just show them to you and hope you understand.

The first unfinished project would actually be my house.  But I’m not going to show that to you because it looks like a few children’s stores threw up in my living room.  There are toys, clothes, baby socks, diapers, and whatnot spread from one end of the living room to the other and it seems to have seeped into both the bedrooms and the kitchen.  It ain’t pretty.  I’m hoping that nesting instinct shows up soon to help clean this all up.

The next unfinished project is a hat.  I can tell you about this hat, because it’s for someone who is not here yet.  This is Donut’s viking hat.  Right now, it’s a Unicorn Viking Hat, but I’m hoping to remedy that by early next week.  This will in no way fit him until sometime around 2011, but it’s still cute regardless.

viking hat

Here we have a mystery ring. It is being knit with some leftover Encore in a delightful shade of forest green.  There will not be enough of this to finish the ring, so it will probably end up being striped with several other leftover colors from my Encore selections.

green yarn

Next up is two things.  These are a delightful shade of underwater (if you live in the Caribbean) turquoise blue.  These two things will eventually become one thing.


Here is a sewing project.  I don’t know if this one truly counts as unfinished, because I haven’t really started it yet.  When I got up at 5 this morning (on a SATURDAY!!!) I decided to start a brand new project.  I laid out all these little charm squares that are a Mary Engelbreit Christmas line for a holiday quilt. I don’t have quite enough to make a full size quilt, or even a lap quilt.  Perhaps it will work as a table cloth that I can turn sideways that won’t really fit the table either. Or perhaps I will be inspired tomorrow morning at 5 am to find a different placement of the squares and make it much larger.


And the last unfinished project for today:



Yup, he’s still not here yet.  After coming home yesterday with the flu (the jury is still out on whether it’s the flu or early labor symptoms) he’s no closer to showing up than he was last month.  However, I still believe that he is ready, he just can’t find the exit.  The way he’s been beating on my side today, I feel that he is trying to break out.  He’s just a little directionally challenged.

Hey, is that a bruise?

*** Pardon the jammies.  I was all dressed and ready for cute pictures, then dropped hot butterscotch pudding all over me.  I totally gave up after that and went right back to jammies.

Baby Watch 09: 8 days to go.  I have the diapers, the wipes, the clothes, and blankets.  Now all I need is the kid.

Friday the 13th

I missed yesterdays post.  I am officially a NaBloPoMo dropout.  Oh well.

I was sent home today from school with the flu.

And all that that entails.

But Friday the 13th can’t keep me down, because I am happily ensconced on the couch with some water and my computer.

Baby Watch 09: 9 days left.  Have the flu.  Or is it labor and I just don’t know it?

I don’t feel like writing today

I’m tired. I have heartburn. The baby has the hiccups. My feet don’t fit in shoes. My hair needs to be cut. My daughter is crawling on the floor and mewing like a kitty (only much louder and squeakier). And I have no idea what to do for dinner.

But on the other hand, at least I’m not expecting twins.

Baby Watch 09: 12 days to go. Went to the baby class at the hospital and was disappointed to find out that little folks are being banned from the hospital due to all the ickies out there. Which means Miss R will miss out on seeing her brother in the first day or two.