Found It!

The camera that is.  Don’t ask where it was.  It just suddenly showed up.  It wasn’t there, then it was. I think my husband is trying to make me think I’m losing my mind.

Anyway, here are leaf raking pictures from this weekend!


Yes, they are raking the driveway, but I couldn’t find the camera when they were raking the rest of the yard.  So this is what you get.  Don’t complain. And Miss R IS in a t-shirt.  It was very pleasant outside, almost 65, so rather than argue, I told her she had to run around to keep warm and she didn’t have to wear a sweater.


Here she is showing off her raking skills.  And a scarf I made.  It stayed on for all of 2 minutes while I took pictures. Then off it came, being thrown in my general direction with a “here Mommy!” as she ran off to rake more leaves.


Here’s a close up of the cheesy child and the scarf.  The scarf is a simple bulky knit garter stitch monstrosity that will be going to the church bazaar for Christmas gifts.  It’s a quite vibrant display of rainbow colors on a black background.  I’m sure some pre-teen girl will fall in love with it and demand the $5 it will cost her to purchase it.  She may even give it to a friend as a gift.  Ahh, the holidays.

Baby Watch 09: 13 days to go.  That is all.

One Week

I have one week left of school before I take my break.  My sub situation has been all fuddled up and I don’t have a sub for almost a week after I leave.  She is going to try rearranging things, but it may still be ugly there for a bit.  But, I’m not going to worry about it, I have other things to think about.

Like:  the fact that I get up at 4 am almost every morning.  I manage to get back to sleep around 5:30 and the alarm goes off at 5:45.

Or how about: raging heartburn.  I’ve eaten my (somewhat significant) weight in Tums this week.

Or my favorite:  remembering to put the milk in the fridge and the cereal in the pantry.  Glad I caught that one before it was too late.

Baby Watch 09: 14 days to go.  But at least I have cute toes thanks to a recent pedicure.

A Very Chill Sunday

Another great do-nothing day.

I actually started the day by sleeping through church.  I got up around 5 am, again, and was very busy.  I knit on a hat, watched a movie on hulu (anyone remember The Phantom? way bad…), washed bottles, found some more baby items, and generally puttered around the kitchen until everyone else got up around 7:30.  Had some breakfast, did more baby prep stuff, and promptly laid down in bed at 9.  By the time I woke up around 11, Ben and Miss R were coming through the door.

baby gear

But, since I did get an early nap, I was back to baby stuff in the afternoon. This is what the baby area looks like currently.  WE have the bassinet in our room to help with midnight feedings for now.  Of course, we’ll find a place for the diapers and clothes in the next week or two-at least I hope!

I also managed to do some Christmas shopping this afternoon.  What?! It’s not even Thanksgiving, I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.  But there it is.  I picked up a bunch of fun little items for Operation Christmas Child where we fill up a shoebox to send to some child who would otherwise not have anything fun and exciting for Christmas.  That triggered other ideas, and I just had a great time shopping.  Now I’ll just have to remember who all I’ve bought for already, and then remember where I’ve hidden them.  The second might be trickier than the first as I’m shopping with Mommy Mush Brain in full effect and will probably not remember 10 minutes from now, let alone a whole month.

While I was busy with all this, Ben and Miss R were outside raking leaves.

I’d love to post pictures, but I have no idea where the camera went.  Mommy Mush Brain strikes again.

Baby Watch 09: 15 days to go.  If anyone else touches my (incredibly sensitive, sticking out) belly button, I may have to duct tape their fingers together. Grouchy, who me?

Just another Saturday

Today was one of those lovely days where we did a whole lot, but not really much of anything.

We (and I use the term loosely here) raked leaves in the backyard.  Then I went off to get my toes done with Aunt Sara since I can’t see them now to paint them.  They are a delightful shade of baby boy blue.  Then we went to Curious Kids Museum after lunch where Miss R met up with her friend CK and her sister PK.  They had a blast running around picking apples, doing crafts, and playing in the nuclear reactor.  Daddy went off to the movies with Uncle Paul. The girls all went to dinner with the K family at Tim’s Too.  It was definitely an adventure to have 3 little girls at dinner. Then Miss R and I came home and watched Tinkerbell before bed.

It was very busy and crazy while we were doing things, but we never really felt rushed to get everything accomplished. Which is really nice with the little one on the way.  Miss R is going to be an only child for just about 2 more weeks.  We’re trying to enjoy some time with her before we get caught up in sleeping and feeding the little one.

Baby Watch 09: 16 days left.  Doctor’s appointment went well yesterday.  Donut is moving around and trying to break out through my belly button-which is now officially an outtie.

Tiny Dancer


Ok, she’s not so tiny, but “Tall Skinny Dancer” just didn’t have the same sound to it.

Miss R has been taking dance lessons for a couple of months now.  She and a few other 4 year olds get together and do ballet and tap once a week.  They stretch, they learn First and Second Position, they plie, and they TAP.

Last night was visitors night, so we got to sit in on her lesson.  Usually, we wait in the waiting room that has a little monitor and watch her from there.  But on visitors night, we sat on the dance floor(no shoes!) and got to watch our little ones twirl and shuffle away.


She definitely loves her class.

Grampa even made her a little dance floor for our house.  It’s a 3 foot square of leftover hardwood flooring from a neighbor’s house.  He varnished it and painted the edges.  It’s totally great!

I’ll try to get a video up of her actually tapping sometime.  If you turn your speakers up all the way and sit really close, you can get about half the volume of what it’s really like to sit in a room with 4 little girls tapping their feet.

Baby Watch 09: 18 days to go.  Not only am I not sleeping well, but Ben keeps elbowing me in the face at night to ensure that I really don’t get any sleep. I think he’s trying to get me ready for being up all night with the baby.

A List

Too tired for pictures today.

So instead, you get a bunch of useless information in the form of a list.

1. I am wearing a super cute maternity sweater today.

2. Unfortunately, the hot flashes are making it not so fun to wear.

3. My belly looks like the Amazon River delta with all the blue veins criss-crossing it.

4. KnitPicks has a great free pattern for a lump of coal.

5. It’s Wednesday.  That means Miss R has ballet.

6. Being up between 3 am and 5 am is not conducive to being at school at 7 am and cheery.

7.  Donut enjoys kicking me on both sides of my belly at the same time.

8. The air conditioner just kicked in.  I think it may be snowing in my classroom.

9. I am so ordering pizza tonight for dinner.

10. I think it may have pineapple on it.

And now back to your regularly scheduled day.

Baby Watch 09: 19 days to go, and my belly button is flat.

Peanut Butter Cups

You know what is more frightening than a group of 8 year old boys in skeleton costumes?

A four year old that wants candy before noon.

It’s the day after Halloween, and all through the house, little girls are screaming, “I WANT SOME CANDY!”  Yup, this year, the candy monster has struck.  Bright and sunshiney early (thank you daylight savings time) little Miss R was up and ready for breakfast.  What did she want for breakfast? A mini Reeses peanut butter cup.  I don’t blame her, the bowl was sitting out and that pretty gold wrapper looked so appealing. Even I wanted a breakfast sugar pick me up.

I finally got her convinced that she can pick out 3 pieces of candy to eat today, and once its gone, that’s it, no more! She saved them until after her nap.  I was quite proud of her.

In other Halloween news: I did not actually get a picture of Miss R in her costume-it was much too cold for Red Wolves here yesterday, so most of her costume was under a winter coat and mittens, and by the time we got back home she had stripped out of it and managed to get into her Tinkerbell costume before I could even pick up the camera.  So instead of costumes, I present you with….knitting!

I know, it’s so totally not the same thing.

wrist warmers

These are some wrist warmers I made, based loosely on Vickie Howell’s Alice Wristwarmers pattern. I’m so in love with this yarn that I may have to go out and get some more of it.  Like a lot more.  Plus the color is simply fantastic how it swirls and doesn’t pool or stripe.

These will go into my Holiday knitting basket, and may just go to my midwife who almost always wears something blue.

Baby Watch ’09: 22 Days and counting.  The baby is dancing and doesn’t wish to leave my belly yet.

Tea Party!

Being 33 weeks pregnant means you gotta get up in the middle of the night.  It’s a rule somewhere I think.  Most nights, I get up around midnight and am able to sleep again until the alarm goes off around 6.

The other night, I made it all the way until 3 am.  When I woke up, with the usual feelings of being too big, uncomfortable, having to use the bathroom, and not being able to sleep on my tummy, etc., I heard a noise.  I was pretty certain it was the bunny in her cage nibbling on some of her toys.  I roll out of bed and head for the bathroom.  Upon passing Miss R’s room, I see her little light is on.

“Well, isn’t that funny.  I thought we turned that off.”  Opening the door, I hear:

“Hi MOMMY!!! Want to have a Tea Party!”

Shock. Total and utter shock.

“Miss R, what are you doing up? It’s not morning yet.”

“I wanted to have a tea party. Look, it’s all ready.”

How do you get a 4 year old to understand that it’s 3 am, it’s dark outside, and it’s not morning yet when she has to get up every morning in the dark to get ready for school?  There were definitely tears when she realized that I was putting her back to bed instead of having some ice cream and tea, but once there, she passed out pretty quickly.

Once 10 am rolled around and I was getting used to sleeping on only 7 hours (it doesn’t sound impressive, but when you are this pregnant, you need all 8 and then some) it became so funny.  I totally remembered getting up really early one morning when I was little to play with my Pony’s and their castle. My mom found me the exact same way.  Up and playing and happy as a clam.  Guess it runs in the family.

Bee in Her Bonnet

We went to the park the other day.  It was the last time we’ll go to the park for a while, I think. (At least this one)

It started off like this…


A climb up the wall.  One of Miss R’s favorite activities.  As I was playing with the new camera, I heard, “Mommy!”  Followed by, “AHHHHHH!”


I ran over (not an easy task at 6 months pregnant) to find my little girl falling down the back side of the climbing wall as she’s swatting away a horde of bees she disturbed at the top.  There were several moments of panic as I realized 1) I couldn’t pick her up and carry her home, and 2) Daddy was out running errands and couldn’t come pick her up and carry her home.

She was a real trooper though and managed to stop crying long enough for me to check her out (several stings on her forehead, one on her lip and one on her thumb) and she even gathered up her courage for a bike ride back home. We were only a couple of blocks from home, but I was worried about all that swelling.


We got home just fine, and with some ice packs and Sesame Street, she was back to the hard business of being a preschooler in no time.  The swelling went right down and except for 5 little puncture marks, she looks just like normal.  No more swelling, and no allergic reactions.  Thank goodness. She was such a trooper.  But now, we can’t convince her to go play at the park again.  She will go outside in the backyard with a lot of coaxing, but the park is definitely out.  I’m sure she’ll get over it in a week or two.

Oh, and because you haven’t seen me in awhile, that’s not a pillow Miss R is laying on.


That’s her little brother.