May Day

As I was looking through my picture files for something completely unrelated, I stumbled upon this…

This photo was taken one year ago today.  Just look at those chubby little legs! And the bald little head.  And the cute wittle sweepy baby!  (sorry-I can’t help it)  Plus, he’s sleeping. He doesn’t do that so much anymore.

Today, he is a rambunctious ball of energy that rarely slows down.

He loves to ride his little red bike.  This was last week.  It was nice enough that we ventured out for an afternoon of fun.

He loves to cuddle with his daddy and pretend to be all cozy when really he is planning how to take over the computer and mash buttons until he writes emails to all daddy’s friends.

And sometimes, he looks all cute and sleepy.

But that would be crazy, because really, this is a picture of Donut having a major meltdown.  He doesn’t sleep like this EVER. He’s much too busy playing and being busy, busy, busy.

Little Man

I just wanted to share with you the cutest little outfit.  What I have come to realize is that little boys do not have cute little boy clothes.  There is the typical baby wear-ducks, elephants, and other baby animals, or there is the big guy clothes made teeny.  For girls, it’s all baby stuff, or frills and flowers.

Here is Donut’s big guy outfit:

cute man2

Just look at the sweater! It’s so cute, I just want to eat him up.  He looks so Abercrombie. And those little pants have tiny little pockets!

cute man

He’s even got the big guy look.  “Hey Ma, quite takin’ my picture. I can look completely disinterested forever.”

Rocket Man

baby rocketman

Cutest baby slippers EVER!


They crinkle, and have little ribbons coming out the back and are just so silly!  Of course, Donut doesn’t like to wear shoes.  They cramp his style, man.  He likes to kick them off and go barefoot.  But in this house, it’s just too cold.

baby smiles

See? that’s how much he loves his rocket shoes!  Or maybe he just kicked them off and was thinking, “haha Mama, I got them off AGAIN!” Either way, that is one cute grin, dude.

Speaking of happy smiling babies, this little guy has just mastered the smile and giggles.  Of course, his favorite time to really get silly is at 4:30 am.  He was giggling and squealing and having a grand ol’ time this morning.  Mommy and Daddy were not impressed.  He couldnt figure out why we kept plugging him with a paci.  Even though it was so early, it’s still a hoot to hear him make those noises.  It’s much better than the, “I’m so tired and can’t sleep,” wail.  Although, even that’s not as bad as Miss R’s wailing when she was that size.

And, speaking of size…he’s 6 weeks old today.  He now comes in at a whopping 12+ pounds.  That is one big baby.  I think Miss R didn’t hit 12 pounds until she was 6 months.  I think we’ve got a big one here!

Here’s what I looked like yesterday at 11 am.

last day!

That is one big belly.

After 14 hours, here’s what we have…


This is 8 lbs and 10 oz. of baby boy that was living in my belly for 41 and a half weeks. He’s doing well, I’m doing well, and Daddy is doing well. Miss R met Donut this afternoon and was stuck on his belly button.  She was very concerned about it felling off.  She pet his head and was ready to play peek-a-boo with him.

baby h

It was a relatively uneventful labor.  I did it drug free for more than 8 hours.  Then, I totally caved and decided on drugs.  I ended up hyperventilating, which in turn, triggered a dizzy spell, which made the contractions darn near impossible to deal with.  I ended up with an epidural and was super happy with it.  I only had the epidural for about 2 hours before it was time to push, but it totally let some of the stress ease so that I could get to the pushing part.

(ps. don’t expect to see any “after” mommy pictures any time soon!)



We had our ultrasound today and we got some crazy 3D-4D images.  It sort of makes the baby look like a Zombie.

Ok, just in case you can’t tell, that’s the baby’s face (turned to the right) and a hand near the mouth and the other hand giving the peace sign.  It’s a hippy zombie baby.

We got a bunch of pictures and the technician even gave us a CD of pictures, so that was pretty cool.  Like this one, of feet.


Awwww, cute little foot.

And how about this one…


A little profile of the baby.  There was a bunch of jumping around, and in the course of 30 minutes, the baby went from upside down to breech.  But no worries, the way this thing has been jumping around, I’m sure it’ll get itself all turned around in time.

And one more…


Perhaps we’ll call him Shaun

Dear Liza

There’s a hole in the bucket…er basement.


That’s the crew we have over here today demolishing the basement in preparation for waterproofing.

I found it so funny that they all stopped working to look into the newly discovered hole.  This was hidden with a large bench that was built into the wall.  Once the bench was removed, there was an extra sump pit.

The joys of home ownership.

And because I found it so funny, those are 5 teachers and a mechanic.  Those boys are having such a great time destroying tile, walls, ceilings, a staircase, and a recently finished bathroom.

What a great weekend it is.

Ice Skating

We went ice skating!!!

Well, to be exact, Miss R and Daddy went ice skating.  I just watched.  (I still have quite the bruise, and couldn’t imagine making it any larger).

But I did get some good pics!


Miss R took to the ice like a fish in water.  She got the hang of it so quickly, I was quite impressed.  She did use the funny little bar thing, but she really got flying a few times.


Miss R skated for almost 30 minutes before she had to stop.  And she didn’t stop because she was tired.  Nope, we had to wait for the Zamboni to clear the ice.  Then she was right back out there.


Even though she did wipe out a few times, she got right back up.  I asked her if she hurt her bum, and she told me, “no, but it’s kinda cold and wet!” You gotta love kids.  They bounce.  I remember bouncing a few times myself (I was into horses though, not ice) and I watched with my eyes averted so I wouldn’t have to imagine how it hurt when she fell.  Because I could totally FEEL how my body would have hit the ice.

But she is short, and the fall wasn’t long.  This morning, she asked if we could go again.  I think I see ice skating in our future.

At least for another month or until the ice melts. Which could be sooner, if I had anything to say about it.

One Week

I’m still here.  And I’m still sane.

I have been sleeping, knitting, and recovering.  With the emphasis on sleeping.  The doctor cleared me to go back to walking, so I did.  After a 30 minute walk on my treadmill, I took a one hour nap.  I think I still have a way to go on the recovering. In the meantime, I think I’ll go knit something.

Here’s the progress on my scarf. I finished it this evening, exactly one week from starting it. This is a nice simple pattern that a friend from my knitting group gave to me.  Along with the really nice Malabrigo yarn.  It’s a nice combination of merino wool, so my allergies don’t act up.

This scarf has a nice bit of green in it that matches the hat that Nicole made for me last year.  It goes really well together.

It’s been a nice journey knitting this scarf.  I started it with nothing in my head except to “do something” to stop thinking about what I didn’t want to really think about.  Then, as I thought, and cried, about what I was going through, the repetitive nature of the pattern was a great way to be able to think while my hands had something to keep me busy.  As my body recovered and made its way out of the stupor, it’s been a really nice way to give me something to do besides dwell on the loss of our baby.

I’ve decided that I will keep the scarf as a reminder of this child that will never be.  While it may make me cry, I think that it will be a good thing that I have something so personal as a good memory of the time I spent with this baby.  It will also be a good reminder of everyone; family and friends, who have come to sit with me, call me on the phone, and otherwise offer their well wishes and prayers.  Because everyone I have talked to has had a little moment with this scarf.  I haven’t put it down long enough for anyone to miss being a part of the knitting of this simple little garment.

Thank you to everyone who has sent a prayer our way.  We really appreciate all the good thoughts.

Stickers for the Baby

Miss R has really taken to the baby.  She has been going around asking about how the baby is doing and if the baby is ok.

Yesterday, she gave the baby a sticker.  She came up to my tummy and placed a sticker on my bump.  I told her thanks for the sticker, and she told me, “No Mommy, that’s for the baby.  You can have a different one.”

I’m almost sad for her sake that she has to wait so long for a new baby to play with.  She’s being such a great big sister already.


Miss R is soon to be a big sister. 

We went to the doctor yesterday with hopes of hearing a little fluttery heartbeat, and instead we came back with a baby picture to share.

If you look in the middle of the image, you can see a bowling pin.  That’s our baby.  The head is on the right and the rest of him/her/it is on the left. (yeah, I had a hard time figuring it out too, but once the doctor pointed to it, I totally get it.)

It’s too soon to tell if Miss R will have a little brother or a little sister. But we are happy to report that everyone is doing just fine, even if the baby seems to have hiccups, and Mommy is exhausted and hungry.