Santa and the Carousel


Over the weekend, Santa came to visit at the Silver Beach Carousel.

We found him relaxing in the rocking chairs with some other people.  He looked really at home.

Miss R was so excited to go see Santa, but when we got there, shyness took over and she would not leave Daddy’s leg.

Donut, however, got into the spirit of things.

Yup, that’s the big guy giving the little guy a high five.  I totally missed the first half of the complicated man-dance of high five action that started with a fist bump and ended with some sort of complicated snap and gingerbread hand thing.

Donut asked Santa for a million Thomas trains (well, he would have if could say, “Santa, I want a million Thomas trains.”)  and Miss R froze up and couldn’t think of a thing to say, so she just mumbled something about pink and princesses.

After our visit with Santa, we did some coloring, snacking on popcorn, and of course, we had to ride on the carousel.

All the horses and bears were all decked out in holiday wear and all the lights had been changed to red and green.  The carousel is just so great!

Only 19 days until Christmas!

Mushroom Mushroom

Some belated knitting for you to ogle today.


Those little mushrooms were crocheted for Ben for Christmas.


The purple poison mushroom, the green one-up mushroom and of course, the red get big mushroom.

I stuffed the white stem with poly-fil, and the tops were stuffed with a bean bag so that they are heavy enough to double as juggling bags.

The computer is Ben’s creation from several years ago.


And because there hasn’t been enough drama lately…


This is what my trusty ol’ CRV looks like today.  Totally borked.  This is the first car I’ve thoroughly destroyed, and hopefully will be the last.

I had the misfortune to be driving through an intersection (I didn’t have a stop sign) when a teenager thought she could make a left in front of me before I got there. She couldn’t see me, because there was a semi in the right lane, while I was in the left.   I totally ran into her.  Of course, her car was still driveable, whereas Chuck (that’s my CRV) is not so much road worthy. The bumper got smooshed into the tire, not to mention there were some guts hanging out from under the hood too.

Of course, she has to explain to mom and dad why their Escalade has no running board and both of the driver’s side doors are smashed in.  I don’t envy her that.

The good news is that no one was seriously hurt-I know I’m sore this morning from the seat belt, so I’m sure they are too-but nothing that required a doctor immediately (I did see my chiropractor this morning and she did her magic, as well as calling the midwife to make sure all was ok there-he’s just fine).  The police came out and were very wonderful.  The insurance company is taking care of everything.  The auto body shop is taking care of Chuck.  We have another car to drive, and we don’t both need to be somewhere until late next week.

The even better news is that while I get to lie around today feeling lazy, I’ve had some time to knit!  I started on a new super secret project.


That’s Malabrigo Chunky in the Hummingbird colorway.  It will turn into a cowl for a Christmas present.

(not a) Pumpkin Coach


One of Miss R’s Christmas presents was this little Princess carriage from Goat Goat Gramma.  When she woke up Christmas morning, it was sitting there under the tree, batteries in place, ready for her to play with.  (Santa got really smart)

Since then, she loves to play Princess and they all take turns going to the ball.

I only wish this website had sound.  You have to hear this thing.  The carriage twirls (making all princesses inside turn green by the time they get to the ball) and plays a little traveling music.  It’s actually really cute, and I like that the horse has wheels on its feet in order to help scoot it along the floor.

But oh! the music.  It’s a delightfully loud display of something quasi-classical-you know, the kind of music princesses like-and starts over every time you stop the carriage.  I was tempted to set up a space in the house that was long enough that we could get the carriage all the way to the end of the song.


Looking at this picture, I realize just how bright, bold, and nauseatingly-orange Miss R’s room looks.  I promise, it’s just as daring in real life.  She loves it.

After Christmas Round Up

So, I still don’t have my camera (I’m working on it, I really am).  But I thought  I’d still share with you a few of my favorite Christmas things this season.

My first favorite thing: Miss R did NOT get a truck load of presents.  She got just enough.  And just about every single one is a manual-imagination-using toy (as in NO BATTERIES!).  She got a bunch of dolls and Princess type toys.  Which she has been playing with constantly, when not reading one of her new books.  She also got dress up clothes and wears those while playing with the dolls and reading them stories.  How great!

My second favorite thing: Ben and I had a great time with family this year.  It’s always short, but it was so nice to be with everyone around the holidays.  I loved making cookies with my mom and sister, and eating cookies with them too!

Third favorite thing: my gift certificate to Ivelise’s Yarn shop.  Thanks Ben for pointing Dad in the right direction while he was here.   I love my stash of wool for a new sweater.

Fourth Favorite thing: all the time I have got to spend knitting and reading.  I love vacation time.

My fifth favorite thing: Listening to Ben learn to play “Imagine” on our slightly out of tune piano.  Anything Beatles would have been great for him to play, but I especially love this one.  Keep going, you’re doing great!

Sixth favorite thing: Ben asking me to learn to play the guitar (we have an electric bass guitar from his dad) so I can play along with him.  I am still laughing about this one.  I think I’ll stick to sitting here on the couch singing along quietly so no one can hear how off-key and rhythm-less I truly am.

Seventh favorite thing: my house being CLEAN.  Ben and I have cleaned this house inside out and upside down this week.  We have boxes of stuff for Goodwill or a rummage sale.  It’s great.

Favorite things 8-47: All the friends and family that we are spending time with these two weeks.  I’m having a great time with everyone who has come to visit, or we have gone to visit.  I’m relaxed, stress free, and mostly happy-just like everyone should be at the holidays.

Hope everyone else is having a great Holiday!

Happy Christmas Eve

Over at the Rimes house, we’ve been busy little elves today. And since I don’t have a camera, I drew you pictures.  This will be fun!

First, we cleaned Miss R’s room in anticipation of the New Presents!  It kinda looked like this.

This is what her room looked like while I was cleaning.  I would clean and put something away, and then she would get two more things out and play with it.  This went on until I told her that she couldn’t have any more presents unless I got to finish cleaning her room.  Then, she was a much better sport about letting me clean.

While we cleaned, Ben snowblowed 34 tons of wet snow outside.  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t 34 tons, but it sure looked like it.  The 18 inches of snow we had, plus the rain we were getting this morning, totally made that stuff heavy.

This is fun isn’t it?

And THEN….

We all took naps.  And I don’t have a picture of that, because I was napping.

But after naps, we painted!  Miss R played with her new princess paints and painted lots of pictures of Cinderella while wearing her princess crown and earrings.

And that’s what her painting looks like.

Later tonight, we will go to the church and enjoy the family Christmas Eve service.  It’s a bit earlier than the midnight version, and a little more friendly to small people.  We will probably eat more cookies, fudge, and Chex Mix (thanks Schillios!) and sit around the fire.

**Thanks to Art Rage for the great art program!  It’s a free download, I highly recommend getting it and playing around.

Cookies! And Eggs!

About a month ago, we went to a craft fair.  It was just in time for Christmas shopping, and everyone found something to bring home.

Miss R found the real treat though.  One lady made felt food.  She had the most adorable collection of cookies, and other treats.  She had them all packaged up with mini spatulas and wooden spoons, and tea cups.  Miss R wanted a cookie.  She NEEDED a cookie.  They were $8 for a pair.  UGH.  But I knew that if I didn’t buy them, I would totally forget how to make them.  So I held my breath, paid the nice lady for her overpriced cookies (I don’t even spend that much on cookies at Tosi’s), and went home to figure out how to make my own knock-offs.

A trip to Jo-Anns and a few minutes at the sewing machine, and VOILA! cookies!

And then, I got inspired for other food.

Like breakfast.

Eggs came along (Miss R doesn’t eat eggs, but oh well). Then bacon (she doesn’t eat that either). And finally pancakes (she does eat these).

So cute!  I know that she doesn’t usually eat most of that, but it was the only thing I could think of to make that would be highly recognizable.  So made it I did!

Now, shhhh, please don’t tell her about it, because she’s going to open them on Christmas and she needs to be surprised!

Christmas Party!

Miss R had her Christmas Party today. Of course, we had 8 inches of snow, hail, sleet, and really rotten driving conditions.  Too bad, there was a party to go to!

All the kids had a great time.  They decorated cookies, ate lots of munchies, and had a great time with the snacks. Then, they played “Pass the Candy Cane.”  I wish I had a picture of the poor, mangled thing that was the candy cane after the kids were done with it.

Then came the good part.  The presents!!

Miss R picked the one in princess paper.  Of course.

What’s in the package wrapped in PRINCESS paper?

It’s a princess!

Who gave this kid a drum?  Glad Miss R didn’t get that one!

Here’s the chaos that was the after-unwrapping.  See that kid with the drum? Yeah, still going!

I gotta say, the teachers were phenomenal.  Miss Amy totally had this down and within minutes, the kids had all their presents cleaned up and were playing happily with the other toys.  There were only about 3 tears from the first little girl to get a present, she really wanted that open! But within seconds, they had her back in the fray. Great party!

Merry Christmas!

Thanksgiving Turkey

I know I didn’t really post any good pictures of Thanksgiving.  I also know it’s almost a week later.  Too bad.

I’m going to post them anyway.

Why is Aunt Deb giggling uncontrollably?

Because she has her hand up a turkey’s bum.

I know it’s slightly disturbing, but there’s a great story behind this!  This is the first year that Aunt Deb has hosted Thanksgiving in more years than she can remember.  Which means, that she hasn’t had to stick her hand up a turkey’s bum in, oh, a whole bunch of Thanksgivings.  So, when she said she was going to clean out the turkey, and then made the most delicious icky face, I grabbed the camera.

By the way, dinner was fantastic.  Especially the turkey and the sweet potatoes.  Oh, and the pumpkin roll.  I love a good pumpkin roll.  And the leftover turkey sandwiches were great.  I think we need more occasions for cooking way too much turkey so we have leftover turkey sandwiches.

After dinner, we did our little Christmas gathering.  Miss R played Santa and handed out the gifts.  She took her job very seriously, and everyone got their gifts.  Miss R got some very pink things.  Like a princess tent.

And then Daddy tried to help set up Miss R’s new Princess tent.  I think he’s too big.

She also got a Cinderella dress.  I couldn’t get a picture of her in the dress though, because she was twirling so fast, every photo came out looking like a big blue blur with a streak of yellow hair flying out behind her.

All in all, a great weekend with family in Indianapolis.  Can’t wait for Christmas!