Trees, Decorating and Nesting

We found it!  Our Christmas tree that is.  We all went tromping through the field today to find the perfect tree to grace our house.  It’s cute. It’s shorter than we normally find, but it actually fits into our little house without having to rearrange furniture and cut a hole in our ceiling.  I have no pictures, because I forgot my camera :(   but that’s ok.  Miss R was so not interested in picking out a tree.  She was much more interested in pulling the carts around that we would use to pull our tree back to the civilization.

Gramma came with us today, and she found a tree too!

We’ll probably decorate it tomorrow, after I clean up from the Christmas box explosion that happened this afternoon.  I pulled out just about all the decorations today before I realized that it’s WAY too soon to look at Santas all around the house.  So, I just pulled out anything shiny and red (or green) and put that up, and re-packed the Santa stuff til next weekend.

As for Nicole’s comment about nesting… Yup.  Totally into the nesting thing.  I wasn’t allowed to do that with Miss R.  We were moving the summer she was born, so everything had to stay packed away, EVERYTHING.  The only nesting I got to do was to pack and clean stuff.  There was no redecorating or painting or anything fun at all.  Last night, I got a bug to clean and put away all the little stuff that accumulates throughout the week(s) as a family lives in a house, and got a little carried away.  I kept going this morning and after Miss R went to bed again.  But the good news is that there is a HUGE pile of stuff for Freecycle/Rummage.  Does anyone want an old desk from the Rimes store?

I may justy need to call in sick on Monday so I can tackle another room :)

Christmas Overload part 2!

Now, where was I?

Oh yeah…

Christmas Eve and we were back home just in time for Santa to visit.

Later on Christmas Day we found ourselves at our next party at Gramma and Grampa’s house. We ate and ate and ate some more. Yum. Grampa makes a great ham-in more ways than one :)

ellas.JPG   ellas2.JPG  bball.JPG

Lots of excitement and lots of presents. Today we’ll be going through all the other toys and giving them a new home in order to make room for all our new toys.

Here’s to hoping your Christmas Festivities were as wonderful as ours. Lots of love to all our family and friends!

Christmas Overload!

After 3 days of continuous Christmas parties, we are tired.


The first Christmas party was at Goat Goat Gramma’s house. We had fun visiting the goats, the horses-Bubba and Bentley, and Pilgrim Kitty. He was our favorite, although I don’t think the feeling was mutual.


Gramma and Aunt Stuffunie gave us hours of entertainment with cookie eating quotas (I was FAR behind mine), a warm fire, and digging around in the basement for new-old toys.

auntie.JPG  g3.JPG
*All handmade goodies are being modeled.  A pair of Fetching mitts, Earwarmer and Nosewarmer from Knitty. 

We also had a very nice Christmas dinner of Turkey and green bean casseroles.

Then, it was off to Grandpa’s house where the excitement continued. There was an overload of Play-Doh and accessories. We really like the hair salon. Miss R also got a tool set. She loves to pound in the nails!

doh.JPG  gramps.JPG

*Another handmade hat from One Skein Wonders 

From there it was off to Mommy’s family shindig. We played with cousin Lily on the piano. Lily likes to dance and Miss R played the piano.


They had such fun together!

Join us tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of Christmas with the Rimes!

The Nose Knows

I know just about everyone has a pair of those reindeer antlers, or at least a santa hat. We also have the privilege of owning a glowing reindeer nose.


You may not be able to see the glowing nose, but it’s there.


The antlers went on too. But you’ll never know, because my camera does not react faster than a 2 year old.

Jingle Bells

Mommy and Daddy had a “moment” this week.

Our first child’s first Christmas production.


And she did not disappoint. After 2 weeks of practicing Jingle Bells-with the hand shaking for the bells-she got up in front of everyone and refused to sing. Not only refused to sing, but pulled her dress up right around her belly button.


Not that you’ll see that picture, because we didn’t get any. Not for lack of trying. Daddy and I both thought THOSE would be wonderful to have on hand when she turned 16.


Despite not singing one of her favorite songs, she was still cute. And the fact that the entire program lasted less than 20 minutes didn’t hurt either.


She recovered quite nicely after the program was over.


A special thank you to Aunt Deb for the absolutely adorable dress. Miss R loved wearing it and twirled several times before we were allowed to continue with socks and shoes.

Christmas Gifts and Crab

So, I’ve been feverishly knitting, sewing, crafting, and cooking for the holidays. I’ve come up with yet another very cute little knit item that takes roughly 2 hours of knitting to finish up.  I’m not going to tell you what it is, because my mom reads this site and she’s TOTALLY getting one.  But I will tell you, they are Cute with a capital C.  And terribly funny.

Mom-the horse people will love this one.

In other news, the Quilt along is going well.  I’ve finished the 3rd block, but no pictures yet.  Sorry.

As for Christmas goodies, the caramel corn is so far my favorite.  But I’m also wanting to try some freezer cookies.  That way I can make it up now and cook them up later when I’m terribly busy.

I also made some yummy crab Alfredo last night.  Really good.

I melted 1/4 cup of butter in a skillet with some garlic.  Then added crab flakes, 1 cup of heavy cream/milk (the recipe called for half and half, but I didn’t have any), and some pepper. Then once that bubbled up and got thicker, I poured it over some noodles.

As my husband said, “this is great, I can’t believe you just threw this all together.”

I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to impress but has only 20 minutes of prep time.  I don’t even think it took me that long.

I just realized this is a slightly disjointed post, but oh well.  That’s the way it goes.

Christmas Joy

Baby Rimes received many wonderful, noisy, battery-eating toys for Christmas. And wouldn’t ya know? She loves to crinkle all the wrapping paper better than any of these intelligence boosting musical toys.
A big thank you to Auntie Steph and Grandpa for the Leapfrog table. We have been singing “bumpy bumpy bumpy” for a week now.
Thank you to Grandma Hume and her Leapfrog overhead toy. The colors are marvelous.
To Grandma and Grandpa Herrman, a huge thank you for the future college fund. While there’s just enough in there now for a hamburger and one textbook, we are looking forward to sending her to college for 4 years.
And thank you to all the great grandparents, cousins, great aunts and uncles for the contributions to the college fund and keeping our baby in the cutest pink outfits imaginable.