DS106 T-shirt Remix

Awhile ago, I received my very awesome DS106 Kickstarter t-shirt.  It is super fantastic cool.  However, when I checked “medium,” I was thinking men’s t-shirt sizes.  Someone at headquarters saw it and thought, oh, a girly medium would be better.  Now, I totally appreciate that they thought I was so delicate, but as it turns out, I’m a bit more robust than a girly medium can handle.  So for a few weeks, I was sad that I couldn’t wear my new threads.

Enter Pinterest: the scariest time suck I have ever entered (outside of actual DS106 projects).  I found this great idea.  Just cut out the seams of your shirts and add in a few inches of another t-shirt.

It fits so well with the whole DS106 Remix idea, that it just felt like the perfect solution to a slightly too small shirt that made me look like a Playboy Bunny Wannabe.

I sliced out the side seams of my DS106 t-shirt, added about 4 inches of 2 other t-shirts (in fabulous, but non-matching, stripes) and like magic**, I had a t-shirt that could fit my more Renaissance woman frame.  Plus, it adds a little something to the gray background of the original, I think.

**Use a sewing machine that has a zig zag or knit stitch and it becomes even easier.  Remember that t-shirt fabric stretches.  Pin the right sides together and gently run it through the sewing machine with the appropriate stitch.  If you try a straight stitch, it will not stretch-and that would be a tragic turn of events for your favorite t-shirt.  Also, t-shirt knits will not ravel, so you can leave the edges unhemmed if you so choose.

Hip Hop Easter Remix

For DS106 Remix week, I’ve been doing a few little projects on the side again.

This one is called “The Big Hip Hop: Turn Up the Cheese.”  I went over to The Big Picture for this image of a little girl in an angel costume standing in a cathedral. This image is a bit “sweet” for DS106, so I tried a couple variants.

In the first, I used lyrics from Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.” I liked how it kept the  theme of Easter.  I experimented with fonts and decided on the much overused “comic sans.”  Nice, but not really pushing any boundaries. This one feels beautiful without much effort, lazy even.

Then I mixed it with a Coldplay song, “Viva la Vida.”

A touch of teenage angst font and still, I’m getting a nice message.  I just can’t seem to cheese this up.  The little girl is just too sweet.

Ok, one more try.

Had to dig into the way back machine for a song by Real Life called, “Send Me an Angel” from the year 1983.  (For those of you who weren’t around then, here’s a link)

I love the teenage angst font with the lyrics for this one.  So demanding, it really has a DS106 feel to it.

I have no idea what assignment this was, because I closed it, so there will be no tags until someone figures out which mashup this is.


Altered Books and Blackout Poetry

My middle school students have been working for the past month on their altered books.  One of the parents donated a bunch of old science books from Time Life and we have been systematically ripping out pages, painting, gluing, and using Sharpies on them.  Here are a few of their Blackout Poems.

And a spare poem thrown in for fun.

The assignment for this page was to find text that they liked and blackout the rest.  They were trying to create a free form poem, without worrying too much about making sentences.  I encouraged them to use images either by drawing them, or by including them (not blacking them out) on their page.

The students liked this page in particular because it was creative without being too taxing.

If you are in the area next week, the kids have a show at the Box Factory.  You can come and check out their books along with a bunch of other great art.


DS106 Yarn Bombing

Because of my love for DS106, and my love for all things knit, I’ve come up with an interactive activity.  DS106 Yarn Bombing.

The rules are simple.  Get a knit square (or rectangle, or circle, or tetrahedron) and embroider DS106 4life on it.  Next, take your square and sew, tie, zip tie, or otherwise attach it to an object in public.  Last, take a picture of your Yarn Bombing. Post them to flickr with the tag ds106yarn.


Want to participate?  Post a comment here and I’ll send you your very own DS106 4life yarn square.  The only requirement is that you have a mailing address and you must promise to actually put it up in a public space and photograph it.

If you have your own yarn squares and you wish to do this: cool! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


We’re Flipping Out

Today, my 3rd and 4th graders were working on flip books.  We made some very silly ones. There was an elephant that squashed chocolate mice, a girl that flipped over, a race car, a growing flower, a juggler, and a guy trying to cook hot dogs over a campfire.

That last one was mine. Want to see it?

This was inspired by the Daily Create project for today. The original idea was to record something cooking.  Since I was already doing the flip books, I thought I’d animate something cooking.

A quick lesson in creating a flip book: cut some heavy drawing paper to a nice neat size (ours are 4.5×3 inches) and staple about 20 of them together at the top.  Starting at the last page, draw a simple image.  Lay the next page down over the top and redraw your image slightly differently. You’ll be able to see through the paper just enough to figure out where your next image should be.  Repeat until your images go where you want them to be on the last page.  Hold at the top (staple side) and flip!

Helpful hints: Don’t draw anything more than halfway up the page.  You won’t see it when you flip the pages.  If you are unsure of where to start, draw a bouncing ball.  Move it a little, or move it a lot.  Small movements will be a slower speed and larger movements will show a faster bouncing ball.  Keep it simple! Detailed drawings will be hard to recreate.  Stick people are welcome!

And the most important tip: When stapling the pages, make sure that one edge of your paper all lines up.  Staple the OTHER edge.  This will make it much easier to flip.

Happy flipping!

*A special thanks to Nathan who did the filming for me so I could use both hands to flip the pages. You rock!

Cartoon Ben

For Valentine’s Day, Ben bought me a Bamboo tablet.  I’ve been having such fun with it.  I went ahead and cartooned Ben using Adobe Illustrator and my new tablet.

This isn’t a DS106 assignment, but it totally should be. Cartoon You!

I’ve been drawing Ben as a cartoon for a few years now, but it’s so much better with the tablet.  He looks all professional and digital now.  If he’s really cool, he’ll use it as one of his avatars somewhere online.  That would totally make my day.

Spring Break Vacation

Ben and I were thinking about our Spring Break options and we were thinking about the Catskills of New York.  Not only is it beautiful, but it’s the home of a very famous resort.  In our research, we discovered this old postcard.

Dancing sounds like fun!

If we don’t end up going, we’ll probably still be working on DS106 assignments.

Photo credits: Firefly Cove, 1963 stamp
Inspiration page: chaiPhoto
All work completed in Fireworks.

Happy Valentine’s Day

On this Valentine’s Day, I have decided to do something that will thrill my husband more than just about any other gift.  I give him the gift of a Nerd Valentine.

(If you aren’t sure who this is, just look up “Apple” on the google machine. He’s pretty famous.)

This one was pretty easy.  Picked out a picture, opened it up in Fireworks, thought and thought about something clever, used the text tool and voila! done!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chicken Farming

Inspired by Ben’s Video Game Remix show, I found a Zelda Replay Value/MacGuffin visual assignment. (Ben says it’s totally worth double points)

What if Link never made it to the end of the game because he became so enamored of the chickens? I know I like those crazy chickens.

Played with Fireworks for this one.  Found the image somewhere online and added a Zelda font with a little glow.