Just another Saturday

Today was one of those lovely days where we did a whole lot, but not really much of anything.

We (and I use the term loosely here) raked leaves in the backyard.  Then I went off to get my toes done with Aunt Sara since I can’t see them now to paint them.  They are a delightful shade of baby boy blue.  Then we went to Curious Kids Museum after lunch where Miss R met up with her friend CK and her sister PK.  They had a blast running around picking apples, doing crafts, and playing in the nuclear reactor.  Daddy went off to the movies with Uncle Paul. The girls all went to dinner with the K family at Tim’s Too.  It was definitely an adventure to have 3 little girls at dinner. Then Miss R and I came home and watched Tinkerbell before bed.

It was very busy and crazy while we were doing things, but we never really felt rushed to get everything accomplished. Which is really nice with the little one on the way.  Miss R is going to be an only child for just about 2 more weeks.  We’re trying to enjoy some time with her before we get caught up in sleeping and feeding the little one.

Baby Watch 09: 16 days left.  Doctor’s appointment went well yesterday.  Donut is moving around and trying to break out through my belly button-which is now officially an outtie.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat

Last weekend, we went to a library fundraiser Halloween Party.  Ben and I made our own costumes, with some help from the internet.  We chose to be the Mad Hatter and the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland.

mad hatter

I made Ben’s vest and ears. He also had a little fuzzy bunny tail as well. Ben helped me do the hat and I made the bow tie to match.

We ended up winning the Best Costume award which is a bedazzled skull head on a rather large and ancient looking book.  The trophy gets to live with us for a year, then next year, goes to the next recipient of the “Best Costume.”

I’m still working on Miss R’s costume.  She wants to be a red wolf.  We read a book where a little princess is trapped in a tower and is given a box of wool and knitting needles.  She knits herself a wolf costume and turns into the Red Wolf.  She escapes the tower and runs around the town until she catches the yarn on a tree branch and unravels her outfit.  It is exactly my kind of book :)

Edit: The book is called “The Red Wolf” by Margaret Shannon


St. Joseph just got a brand spankin’ new water fountain this summer.  It officially opened on Labor Day weekend, so of course, we had to check it out.


Here’s all the kids waiting in anticipation for the water to turn on!  You can see the little guy there in the front-he was determined to get really wet.


He totally got his wish!  There are a bunch of water canons that go off every half hour and pump something like eleventy hundred gallons of water at unsuspecting fountain-goers.  Even standing off to the side, we got soaked from all the spray that these things put off.  Plus it was a windy day.


Miss R did NOT want to get wet. But she did have a great time watching with Daddy.


After the canons, they had some tamer jets that came up from the ground.  Everyone enjoyed those.

The fountain is designed to be interactive and everyone is invited to run around on the fountain (just look out for those canons!)  There are lights recessed into the ground as well so at night the water is all lit up and looks lovely.

Or so I’ve heard.  After the opening day, the fountain caused a water main downtown to burst, ending the fountain fun for the season.  Bummer.

The fountain is a pretty nifty feature.  But wait, there’s more!

The carousel is set to open this winter, so they had an open house to walk through and peak at the construction work going on there.  Curious Kids will have a museum in the building as well.  They even brought some face paints so we could have some fun with the kids.


Miss R had a great time making Mommy a new watch.


It was a lovely blue watch.  However, for the rest of day, we were quite late to all of our appointments.

A Gaggle? A Hoard? A Royal Flush?

What do you call a bunch of princesses?


A party!!

I know it’s late, but this is from Miss R’s birthday party. The princesses all came in costume, we painted faces and they generally had a great time.  We tried to have an outdoor party, but in August, it can go either way.  It was nearly 95 outside, so all the princesses migrated indoors for cake and ice cream.  Miss R had a blast and ended up with a TON of princess inspired games (how did they all know?!).  In fact, Miss R and Daddy are playing Princess Yahtzee right now.

Thank you to everyone who came and had a great time.

Ballerina Girl

It was inevitable.  A little girl who loves to read “Belinda the Ballerina” was bound to want to be a dancer.  For Miss R’s birthday, she received ballet lessins (to start in September) and a tutu and shoes.

ballerina 1

And she was beside herself with happiness.


There was much twirling and leaping.

ballerina 3

(forgive the messy room.  I didn’t make her clean up before opening her presents)

Good Friday post

Miss R had a little Easter Party at school this week.  They had ICE CREAM for their morning snack! Oh, how I remember those days…


This is what happens when you are full of ice cream and sprinkles and whip cream and m&m’s.

After the ice cream, all the kids hunted for eggs around the room.  This got a slightly better reaction from the little princess.


She had a great time with all her little friends and Mommy and Daddy had a great time too!

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

I know I’m a day late.  There’s a really good story behind it.

Yesterday, I looked at the date, and while coloring self-portraits with my kids during my 11 am class, I thought, HEY! I should call Stephanie and have all my kids sing her happy birthday!  So I get out my phone and start looking through it for her number.  Wouldn’t you know it.  I don’t have her number.

So I call Mom.  Hey! I need Stephanie’s number! It’s her birthday, I want to give her a call!  All on voicemail.  Rats.

So, Mom calls back and I get her number jotted down on a sticky note this morning during my rowdy 5th grade class, and promise to call Stephanie with a belated birthday song.  Of course, all sorts of chaos ensues, there’s a fire drill, and then, poof, it’s the end of the day.  I get home and think HEY! I should call Stephanie now!  Where’s that sticky note?

Oh yeah.  On MY DESK!

So Stephanie.  I give up.  The art room gnomes have plotted against me to call you on your birthday.  Or even close to your birthday.

Instead, I give you this;

Your all time favorite food group: APPLESAUCE!  The next time I see you, I owe you a few jars of homemade, cinnamon and sugar, applesauce.

See? It’s even got your name on it!

Happy 22nd birthday!

Apple pickin’

This weekend was our 2nd annual Apple Pickin’ Expedition with Gramma.  Last year, we went unaware and unknowledgable in the ways of apples.  This year, we came prepared.  We brought along a few half bushel baskets in order to carry our apples (the bags they provide are just too cumbersome to carry apples in) and our rain boots (with all that rain we had last weekend, there was sure to be a few mud puddles).

First, there was the choosing of the apples.  We were situated by the Golden Delicious trees, but that didn’t stop us from gathering Jonathons, Jona Golds, Mutsus, and a few Empires too.  The only real requirement was that the apples were only about 3 feet off the ground. No problem.

The second requirement was that all apples had to be picked with Gramma.  They also had to be placed in Gramma’s bucket.  So Mommy and Daddy were on their own.  Not to worry though, we got PLENTY of apples.

Miss R is a very good apple picker.  See?  Look at all those apples.  Plus, I think the cute rubber boots helped a bunch too.

Isn’t that a beautiful basket of apples?  And yes, that is alot of apples.  But that’s Gramma’s bucket, so it’s ok.  Gramma likes to do things like eat them and make cobbler and pies from them.

While we lugged our apples to the car, Miss R found the only patch of unmowed grass in the whole orchard. It was great fun to run back and forth through the tall grass.

It was a good time.

But, just so you don’t think that Gramma and Miss R had all the fun, here’s what Mommy and Daddy brought home.

Yeah, that’s a bushel and a half of apples.  3 BASKETS of apples.  I think we have enough.  And if you ask what we need all those apples for, you apparently did not get any applesauce last year.  And that’s because I split a half bushel with Gramma last year.  Which only made a dozen cans of applesauce.  So, we decided that we needed more applesauce this year.  Yes, Stephanie, I think one of the quart size jars has your name on it!  Plus, I’ve already made a few goodies from all those apples.

See? That’s a deep dish apple pie with a homemade crust.  That homemade crust is from my favorite southern cook book.  That means it’s totally healthy and fat free (yeah right!).  But it was great and went really well with some whipped cream.  Yum!

Anyone else doing any autumn type things this weekend?


Yesterday, we went to Andrea and Ben’s wedding.  Andrea is my Ben’s cousin, and she married another Ben (not too confusing, right?)

They were married on a beautiful day, at the Southern Dunes Golf Course in Indianapolis.  The ceremony was beautiful, there were tears, smiles, and the laughter of one little girl.

Miss R was flower girl for the ceremony. And she took her duties very seriously.  Of course, Mommy had to walk with her, but she threw her flower petals with gusto and when we were all done, she wanted to do it again!

She even tried picking up the petals so she could throw them again.

Congratulations to Andrea and Ben on the beginning of their life together.

May your marriage be full of happiness, laughter, and love.

Playing Catch Up

Ok, so I know I haven’t posted any good pictures in a while. We are currently on vacation, and will have some of those pictures up shortly, but in the mean time, let’s review the last week, shall we?

Here’s a quick run down of the Princess Party.  Miss R had a blast.  Her little friends came over and helped her heat corn and cake.  She got lots of great gifts (thanks to everyone!) and had a great time playing at the sand table, which actually has sand in it now.

Aunt Sara came through for us this year with another winner of a gift.  She brought the first Barbie which included a horse.  Way to go Aunt Sara!

The party was great and we all had a wonderful time! Thanks to everyone who made Miss R’s day a great one!