Princess Party Planning

Try saying that 5 times fast :)

It’s to be princess for this year.  Daddy isn’t thrilled, but Miss R is positively tickled that she gets to plan a party all for herself.  She has even dictated food for this event.  Like the chocolate crown cake that will have blue frosting and sugar cones around the top for the top of the crown.  The kid knows what she wants.

Oh, and the princess party will be BLUE not PINK.  This has befuddled Daddy to no end, but I figure the less pink I have around here, the more the little boys will be enjoying themselves.  There will be Royal Basketball (with a very short net), wand decorating (sugar cookies on sticks), and Castle Building (in the sand table).

I’ve been looking online for party ideas, and some of these parents are either crazy or millionaires to throw these kinds of parties for their kids.  I mean, the extent of decorating the yard will be to put up the canopy and put some tulle hanging from the corners, and maybe I’ll put some streamers on the umbrella to dangle and look frilly. All of which will be recycled from prom last year at my school (they were just going to throw out about 4 bolts of red and silver tulle! can you believe it?! so, of course I rescued it, and have been making tutus and wings and all sorts of crazy things from it since).

However, the hats are my favorite.  It’s totally not a birthday party without hats.  So, all the little girls (and big girls too!) will get a crown with ribbons.  I’ll try to post a how-to with pictures later this week.

Miss R has been a very big help with the party so far.  She knows what she wants, and is totally willing to help me make all these crazy things.  Tonight was the crowns, tomorrow it’s cardboard shields for the boys.

Happy 4th of July!

We had such a great day yesterday!

We started by playing at Miss Vivian’s pool and going down the slide! (more on the heart stopping pictures I took later)

Then, it was back home for a nap.

And back downtown to enjoy a blue cookie and all the people on the bluff.

Then we went home, awaited the return of Daddy (he had to work) and then did some fireworks in the driveway.

Miss R liked to show off her favorite.  Actually, this one was my favorite too.  We ended up not spendnig very much on fireworks this year and scooted out to Meijer to pick up one of those little bags of prepackaged goodies.  This one in particular, put on a great show.  After sending up a pitiful amount of sparks, the entire box went up in flames.  Daddy had to go stomp out the ashes once it burned itself out.  good times.

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day and stayed safe.

Visitors from Afar!

And some Warm Woolies too!

Nicole and Max stopped by our place this weekend for a little party.  They are actually from the DC area, and Nicole was in Chicago for a conference, and decided that they deserved a short vacation and stopped off in little ol’ St. Joe.

They are so wonderful, and it’s so nice to actually get to meet a blog-friend in real life.  I’ve only actually met Nicole once before, but we chatter back and forth on the blog-o-sphere pretty regularly.

And to show you how super awesome Nicole is, here is our family portrait (taken in 85+ degrees and humidity-you can hardly see the sweat dripping down our noses!)

These are the great green hats that Nicole knit for us.  We are the green hat family!  Now, I will never lose my loved ones in a snow storm, I’ll just look for the green hats! Miss R’s is the koolhaus hat, knit for her over the winter. I’m especially fond of mine, but I’m not sure what pattern it is.  Ben’s is a very manly ribbed hat, which he says is altogether too warm to be wearing even for pictures.  Which means that come our Michigan winter, it will be PERFECT! Thanks Nicole!

We also had ice cream.

Aunt Sara totally knows how to spoil a little girl.  She even brought cones so there was no mess! Well, except for little faces.  There was a LOT of mess on the littlest of party-goers. But nothing a bath couldn’t cure.

What a great Friday night.  Thanks Nicole for coming out so we could have an excuse to eat ice cream and see old friends, and new!

PS.  Nicole and Max scored tickets to the Beijing Olympics while here Friday night.  Well, to be more precise, Max’s Dad who resides in China, got the tickets.  But still, totally cool! So look for them in the stands at Track and Field events in August! And happy birthday Max’s Dad.  You won’t read this, but we’ll still wish you a happy 60th birthday (it’s a big important one!)

KIP Day!

Today was World Wide Knit in Public Day. Emily (a lovely lady from my knitting group) and I set out about 4 weeks ago to organize our own KIP day event.

It went really well. We had someone all the way from South Bend (45 minutes away) who came to knit with us. By the end of the morning, we had 50 participants (3 of them non-knitters, but family of knitters, so it counts). It was perfect weather, and we even had the hot dog guy come and set up right beside us, so we had lunch!

I’m learning how to knit a sock on two circulars.  While I did get the hang of it, the sock got frogged.  I used needles that were WAY too big to make an actual sock.

This is Rowan.  His mom is a knitter.  He was a great son and brought down her chair and bag of knitting and then stayed long enough to get completely hooked on this knitting thing.

This is Rowan’s Mom (on the right).  She was trying to teach me to knit 2 socks at once, toe up on Magic Loop.  Anyone not into knitting: it really is as tricky as it sounds.  To everyone into knitting: yeah, it totally baffled me.

This is Emily, my co-host.  She’s totally great and organized everything.  I was just there for the ride Saturday.  Oh yeah, and she’s really tall (and I’m really short). Emily was the one who taught me to knit a sock on two circulars.

This is the wide shot of everyone knitting on the bluff.  If you look carefully through the trees, you can see the lake.  It was the most magnificent blue-green on Saturday.  It was almost tropical.  But back to the knitters!  We had almost 50 people sitting here with us (including one baby and one Miss R).  What a success!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!

OH! and a great big thanks to Ivelise’s Yarn Shop for the gift certificates!  Thanks!

Last weekend was our friend Elijah’s Birthday.  He had a party in Jackson at a park.  It was a little toasty out, but we still had a good time.  As evidenced in the following pictures…

They had a great time running up and down that hill.  Daddy made it up the hill and back down again, but you’ll notice he didn’t come back up.  We were taking turns running with all the kids.  We figured we would give the parents the best birthday present; that of sleeping children on the car ride home.  They did play hard, that’s for sure!

Happy Birthday Elijah! (He’s 4!)

Mother’s Day Adventure

Happy Mother’s Day to all those Mom’s out there. (And to you too Mom!)

Over at Casa de Rimes, we had an entire Mother’s Day weekend. Ben and Miss R took me to Holland on Saturday for the Tulip Time Festival.

There were THOUSANDS of beautiful flowers, everywhere!

They were just so lovely. My favorites are those yellow and pink ones. I think I may have to find some tulip bulbs and plant them in my yard.

There were red tulips, purple tulips, white tulips, and just about every other color combination of tulips you could think of. And just about every tulip was a giant tulip. Let me show you.

That’s Miss R. And she’s standing next to the tulip. It’s huge. And enormous. And oh so very tall.

And all those tulips were found in just one itty bitty corner park. They were everywhere! I was so amazed that all those tulips had such great timing to be up during the entire week of this festival. Ben tells me that they are either programmed that way, or else the city plants those tulips so they are up on time. I can’t imagine if the city plants all those tulips for just one week of festival EVERY year, so I prefer to think that those tulips are just smart enough to know when they need to come up and be beautiful.

After the tour among the tulips, we went to the quilt show that was held at the local hospital. There were many beautiful quilts, but this one was Miss R’s favorite.

This little quilt had little mini wooden shoes on it. So cute!

Then, we went shopping.  And of course, when in Holland, do as the Dutch!

Miss R and I tried on some cute little Dutch bonnets. And we ate some waffle cookies.

They were delicious, and I must try to find a recipe for making them.  They were waffle wafers with a maple syrup gooey center.  Way better than Oreos.

We wrapped up the morning by watching the Dutch Dancers.  I had to take a photo of the shoes (of course!) They were so wonderful. But I don’t think I could wear them, so I left that to the professionals.

This was a hight school group that performed.  We were so amazed at how wonderful they were.  I wish my high school had a really cool group like that!

And that was our Mother’s Day Adventure!

Thanks Ben and Miss R for a wonderful day!

Christmas Overload part 2!

Now, where was I?

Oh yeah…

Christmas Eve and we were back home just in time for Santa to visit.

Later on Christmas Day we found ourselves at our next party at Gramma and Grampa’s house. We ate and ate and ate some more. Yum. Grampa makes a great ham-in more ways than one :)

ellas.JPG   ellas2.JPG  bball.JPG

Lots of excitement and lots of presents. Today we’ll be going through all the other toys and giving them a new home in order to make room for all our new toys.

Here’s to hoping your Christmas Festivities were as wonderful as ours. Lots of love to all our family and friends!

Christmas Overload!

After 3 days of continuous Christmas parties, we are tired.


The first Christmas party was at Goat Goat Gramma’s house. We had fun visiting the goats, the horses-Bubba and Bentley, and Pilgrim Kitty. He was our favorite, although I don’t think the feeling was mutual.


Gramma and Aunt Stuffunie gave us hours of entertainment with cookie eating quotas (I was FAR behind mine), a warm fire, and digging around in the basement for new-old toys.

auntie.JPG  g3.JPG
*All handmade goodies are being modeled.  A pair of Fetching mitts, Earwarmer and Nosewarmer from Knitty. 

We also had a very nice Christmas dinner of Turkey and green bean casseroles.

Then, it was off to Grandpa’s house where the excitement continued. There was an overload of Play-Doh and accessories. We really like the hair salon. Miss R also got a tool set. She loves to pound in the nails!

doh.JPG  gramps.JPG

*Another handmade hat from One Skein Wonders 

From there it was off to Mommy’s family shindig. We played with cousin Lily on the piano. Lily likes to dance and Miss R played the piano.


They had such fun together!

Join us tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of Christmas with the Rimes!