Yarning with Natalie

While Natalie was here, as a thank you, I took her to the local yarn store, Ivelise’s.  She had a great time looking at ALLLLLL the yarn and the books for ideas.

While we were waiting, we had some yarny fun of our own.

That’s my mystery knit* with Ducky on the big round table. Can you see all the yarny goodness hiding in the background?  To the left are wound up scarves in a cute little crochet pattern.  When wound up they look like little heads of broccoli or something.

Miss R and Ducky show off a bright pink flowered headband that she would like me to make for her.  Only skinnier.  And with rainbow yarn.  And a bigger flower. And stretchier. So really, it won’t look anything like that at all.

A stealth shot of Natalie picking out some yarn. She took FOREVER to pick out yarn :) But she got some really great stuff that made her happy.  Plus a new book, 60 Quick Knits for Cascade 220.  I’d like to get a copy of that book.  Lots of fun little projects in there!

I can’t wait to see what Natalie is up to with all her yarn and new patterns, but since she was doing some stealthy holiday knitting, I think I’ll just have to wait.

More updates coming!

In other news, Ben is still in Switzerland.  But he’s sick.  Say a quick prayer, light a candle, cross your fingers, slaughter a pig** or whatever it is you do to pass on the good luck he needs to finish his class, graduate on Friday, and make it home without the flu.

*More on the mystery knit later.  It was finally released, so I’ll show it off to you later.

** Ok, don’t really do this unless you are a trained professional who will later eat the pig, please.

Jello? and other messy things

Ducky helped Miss R and Natalie make Pirate Jello this week.  It was Pirate Jello because of the marshmallows and blueberries they added-you know, hidden treasure.

Arrrr!  Ducky is worried he may have to walk the plank!

Donut got some jello too!  I don’t think he really cared for it too much-a little too sweet.  But he did enjoy playing with it.

We needed a bath after this.  Surprisingly, the red dye number4 that was all over his hands and elbows came right off in the bathtub.  No long lasting red baby!

Ducky also went back to ceramics class.

I designed a bowl to be used with yarn while knitting.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to put the yarn in the bowl, run the string through the loop and be able to knit while the yarn stays put in the bowl.  We’ll see how that turns out!

Then, Ducky went to visit the girls at knit night.

Here’s Ducky with everyone! There was lots of coffee and ice cream around this table along with the wools, alpacas, cottons, and acrylics.  I left Natalie with the group last night because Ducky was so tired (and so were the kids).  They had a great time, and now Natalie is looking for her own knitting group.

In other news, my super crazy busy week is now coming to a close, and I only have to do eleventy seven things this weekend instead of eleventy eight.

Ducky comes to visit

While Piggy was in Geneva, his cousin Wapiggy came to visit us.  He’s not exactly the friendliest little pig, but he’s cute.  He went with Miss R and Donut to a birthday party this weekend.

It’s a little blurry, because little girls don’t hold still for long.  But you see that little girl who is not Miss R?  She asked to hold Wapiggy.  Little did she know what a scheming little pig he is.  After a few minutes, he convinced her to run away with him and take him far far away.

There they go!  And that was the last we saw of Wapiggy.  Sorry Piggy, but your cousin is on the run.  I don’t know when we will see him again.

However, our friend Ducky stepped up and promised to help us out.

He went to the library with us.

Ducky likes to read Elephant and Piggy books with Miss R.

He also likes to read Scooby Doo.

But unfortunately it was nap time.

Then, Ducky went with me to my clay class.

Ducky helped Nettie throw a bowl.  It was a very big bowl.

Here’s Ducky modeling some of my finished bowls and a pony.  The pony goes on the boat.

Here’s Ducky sailing the boat.  There is a series of three boats that go along with the idea of Lake Michigan’s Invasive Species.

Ducky is looking forward to more news from Switzerland soon!

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Daddy left for Switzerland yesterday.  It was kind of a hurried goodbye.  We picked up Uncle Kyle at the airport and sent Daddy off all in 30 minutes.

And after Daddy went off to fly for  78 hours (or maybe something a little less) we went off on our own adventure.

Miss R had a class at Sarrett so the Donut and I enjoyed some of the animals and nature.

Look who we found! It’s Wapiggy, Piggy’s evil cousin.  He was trying to tell Donut that Bunnies are not cute fuzzy little friends, but instead they are terrible baby eating fiends!  Donut proved him wrong and petted Bun Bun the nature center Bunny.

We had time for a quick nap and then it was off to dinner with Uncle Kyle, Grandma and Grandpa, Grandmother and George and Peggy.  It was a busy night!

We look forward to hearing from Ben and Piggy in Switzerland!

Butterflies Everywhere!

We visited the Butterfly Garden on Mackinac last week.  I do so love a butterfly garden.  Most of the time they are very quiet and peaceful places.  This one was full of children, so it wasn’t so much quiet and peaceful.  But the butterflies were out in abundance and it was fun.

Miss R liked trying to catch them on her finger.  None of the butterflies decided to land there, but she was very patient (as patient as an almost 5 year old can be).

She got very close that time!

This one is one of my favorites.  I had to wait forever for this silly butterfly to open his wings. He was really into his lunch on the hibiscus flower there.

Even the Donut had a good time.  He never actually saw the butterflies I think.  All the other kids were fascinating though.

One last try!

Goofy face.  Behind him were about a dozen butterflies.  He totally missed them.  But no matter, he still had a great time! As did we all.

Sunshine and Rain

Yesterday, it was sunny and 86.  We played in the pool, planted flowers, and sat around soaking up the sun.  After the wild child went inside, it was time for the little guy to come out and play.

We splashed in the water!*

We crawled through the water! **

We checked out Mommy’s camera!

It was a lovely 20 minutes of playtime before the sun threatened to burn little skin and big skin alike.

Then, today, it was the total opposite.  It rained. It thundered.  But no lightning! That means it’s time for puddle jumping!

A good thing we had umbrellas to keep the rain off our heads.

We wouldn’t want to get wet in the rain.

I’ll bet that one makes a splash!

Mommy had to show her how it was done.  No really.  Ms. R refused to jump in the puddles until I did.  Then there was no stopping her!

Definitely a good holiday weekend.

*Pardon the naked bum.  It was much easier to send him out naked than to deal with soggy diapers.

**The little floating petals are left over from Ms. R’s attempt at becoming a water fairy.  It is a known fact that you cannot become a fairy without having peony petals in the water.  Hopefully, there weren’t enough for Donut to become a fairy.

Of Art and Pigeons

During spring break, we took a trip into Chicago for a few days. It was lovely, if a bit chilly.  We all had a great time.  We visited Threadless Kids where everyone picked out a shirt, even the Donut.  Actually, I picked it out for him, but he likes it! E picked out her own-it was nearly immediate.  “I like the one with the rainbow!”

She made a picture of everyone on one of the art pads.  That was a seriously awesome store, totally geared to kids.  The adult T choices were pretty kid friendly as well.  Threadless can get a little risque for the adults. Great experience it was, and if you can’t get to Chicago, I highly recommend checking out the online store.  All the Ts are created by artists who submit ideas and those ideas get voted on and the winners get their art printed on a T.  What an excellent endeavor!

There were several other excursions, but we’ll get back to those later.

We took a family portrait in the art garden of the Art Institute (just like everyone else!)

It’s a giant bean created by Calder.  It’s really shiny!

On our first night, Miss R asked if she could go pet one of the pigeons.  ICK! But of course, she spent the rest of the time in Chicago chasing down the very tame pigeons trying to give them a rub.  She won’t touch dogs, cats, or horses, but a pigeon? Sure, let’s pet THAT!

“Well, what did you think of Chicago?”

“I wuvved it, Mommeeeee!”

Easter Flowers

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, the daffodils were blooming.  Miss R had a new dress (and new socks too!)

Speaking of which, the March socks are complete. And boy do I feel clever.  I designed that little heart on the back of her heels all by my onesies.

Miss R looking all adorable.

Using the daffodils as an umbrella?

Uncle Jon hanging with the Donut. He was worried the Donut was going to drool all over his cool skater shirt.

It was a very nice little Easter weekend.  Chocolate bunnies, potato salad, a puzzle, a nap, some yarn, and a very exciting church service (we even got to use little fire crackers to send confetti all around the sanctuary).

Goofy Hats and Big Feet

goofy hat2

We made these goofy hats awhile back with Grandma.  They are just rectangles sewn together on three sides with tassels.  This is actually MY hat, but Miss R has decided that she really likes to wear my hat more than her own.  Hers is bright pink with rainbow colored tassels.

goofy hat

We made a mini one for Donut too!

Then, when we were over at Grandpa’s this weekend for his birthday, something extraordinary happened.  Donut’s feet grew too big for his shoes! In fact, they grew so big, he could wear his sister’s shoes!

big feet

Ahhhh!  He’s growing up SO fast!

Finished Knitting and Children

Without listing all the excuses for why I haven’t updated in a while, I’ll just give you some pictures.

Donut and Miss R

The kids hanging out together.


Finished February’s socks (on March 5th, a little late, but totally done!). These are Bellatrix pattern-slightly modified to skip the yo’s on the instep since they were a bit bulky.  The yarn is Happy Feet.  Loved it.


Donut likes the socks.

nom nom

He also likes chewing on his wooden spoon.  It’s quite tasty I hear.  He has also started eating rice cereal. I have a movie of that, but haven’t been able to pull it off the camera and edit it yet.  Will try to post it soon.  He LOVES his rice cereal.  This kid is going to be a champion eater for sure.  I’ll have to start saving now for when he’s a teenager and eating everything in the house.


A finished sweater vest. Mondo Cable vest by Chic Knits.  I used the Shepherd’s Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill-local to Michigan! The color is Spring Green, so appropriate!  I have an extra skein left over that will become matching mitts, hat, or cowl.  I haven’t quite decided yet.

sleepy Donut

All that knitting and posing for the camera has made us sleepy!

Aside from all the knitting I’m getting accomplished, I’m also working on my thesis.  It’s not going great, but I’m slowly plugging away at it. I’m still gathering resources because my adviser wants the books/articles first before I start working too hard on the rest.  Which means, I’m making a list, but not actually researching anything as of yet.  This thesis stuff is so not mu cup of tea.  But if it means I will have a Master’s Degree, then so be it.  I wonder if I get a raise?