You Spin Me Right Round

It’s been kind of hairy around here this week. It started with Daddy having the flu.  He took a couple of days off from school.  Then Miss R got the flu.  And it was messy.  Daddy took another day off.  Then, on Friday, everyone was feeling better, except for me.  Saturday I tried sleeping all day.  It didn’t work.  I’m the mommy, and sleeping all day is not an option. So, I’m up and blogging about some other exciting events to not think about my upset tummy and sleepy eyes.

Let’s start with the Silver Beach Carousel.


There has been much anticipation of the arrival of the carousel.  Miss R has been dreaming about riding Blossomtime, the horse that was sponsored by the Miss Blossomtime organization.  That horse you see, is NOT Blossomtime.  The poor girl did not get to ride her beloved horse on the first trip around.  Of course, we had to ride again so she could ride her horse.


This one is Blossomtime.  See how excited she is?  Tickled pink.  All the animals have their name and their sponsor on a plaque on the floor in front of them.  It was fun to see all the names of the animals and who had sponsored them.


Ben was super excited to be riding the Benton Harbor Tiger.  There was also a bear for St. Joseph, a bronco for WMU, Sparty’s horse from MSU, and a bunch of other celebrity animals.

Donut and I rode on the dragon bench the first time around, but going in circles wasn’t really our thing, so we skipped the second ride.


The Schillios enjoyed their ride on the rocking peacock.  Little Schillio especially liked chewing on the peacock (he’s teething.  He has his first one already!)


We had a great time at the carousel.

It was super cold out and so I didn’t get any outside pictures of the building, but you can check out the Silver Beach Carousel Society’s page here.

Bee in Her Bonnet

We went to the park the other day.  It was the last time we’ll go to the park for a while, I think. (At least this one)

It started off like this…


A climb up the wall.  One of Miss R’s favorite activities.  As I was playing with the new camera, I heard, “Mommy!”  Followed by, “AHHHHHH!”


I ran over (not an easy task at 6 months pregnant) to find my little girl falling down the back side of the climbing wall as she’s swatting away a horde of bees she disturbed at the top.  There were several moments of panic as I realized 1) I couldn’t pick her up and carry her home, and 2) Daddy was out running errands and couldn’t come pick her up and carry her home.

She was a real trooper though and managed to stop crying long enough for me to check her out (several stings on her forehead, one on her lip and one on her thumb) and she even gathered up her courage for a bike ride back home. We were only a couple of blocks from home, but I was worried about all that swelling.


We got home just fine, and with some ice packs and Sesame Street, she was back to the hard business of being a preschooler in no time.  The swelling went right down and except for 5 little puncture marks, she looks just like normal.  No more swelling, and no allergic reactions.  Thank goodness. She was such a trooper.  But now, we can’t convince her to go play at the park again.  She will go outside in the backyard with a lot of coaxing, but the park is definitely out.  I’m sure she’ll get over it in a week or two.

Oh, and because you haven’t seen me in awhile, that’s not a pillow Miss R is laying on.


That’s her little brother.


Ok, I haven’t posted in a while, but I have good reason.  I’m sick.

I have a viral infection that has gone and attacked all my joints.  Which made my fingers look like sausages and my feet look like I’m 9 months pregnant in July (and I know what that looks like-it ain’t pretty).  However, after a trip to the doctor, who prescribed copious amounts of Ibuprofin and sleep, the swelling has gone down and the feeling that I’m going to break into a million pieces if I stand up has gone away.

Now, I don’t want your pity for feeling so badly.  

However, because my joints are so swollen, I can’t move much.  Which means I haven’t knit in a week.  You can pity me for that.

It’s beautiful and snowy here, and I’ve enjoyed reading the rest of my Sookie Stackhouse novels which came as a great surprise Thursday night. So when I got to stay home Friday, I read a book and slept all day.  Not a bad way to spend a snowy Friday.

Now, if they’d just release the True Blood DVDs soon, I’ll be all set.  Or else find a friend with HBO.  But I’m thinking that I’ll be better on Monday and will have to go back to work.  I’ve taken a lot of time off already this year, and can’t see taking an additional day unless I really truly need it.  So, for now, I’ll just enjoy my weekend.

And then they were 3

I’m going to give you a warning now, before you have a chance to read anything else here today: This is going to be a very sad post.

On Thursday, at my regular OB appointment, we found out that we had lost the baby.  Its little heart had just stopped.  There was nothing left to do for this little being.  Ben and I spent most of the night crying and discussing what we had to do.  I began a new scarf, more for something to do with my hands than the pleasure of knitting really.

As we began to discuss the options, I began to wind a ball from the hank of merino wool I had sitting next to the couch.  Within 20 minutes, it was a perfect ball and I had grabbed the first pattern that I saw, and began counting.  It was a way to delay the inevitable.  I didn’t want to think about this precious little bundle that would never take a breath in this world.

Sometime around 11, I finally collapsed into bed.  I was up again at 4 am, waiting for a phone call from the Dr.  She said she wouldn’t call until 7, but I wasn’t taking chances.  I was supposed to be fasting, so I spent the morning walking on the treadmill trying to ease my stress and anxiety.  It didn’t work. I worked a few more rows into my scarf.

We finally went to the hospital where they attempted to induce labor.  I kept knitting.  I brought that scarf with me and knitted on it as if with every stitch I could make myself forget why I was lying in a hospital bed.

The nurses seemed to know that I needed time alone, or else to be distracted completely.  Ben played a few hands of cards with me. Then he read to me from the book I brought.  Then I would knit some more.

I spent the entire weekend, sleeping, forgetting, remembering, and knitting.

When I finally finish this scarf, it will hold so many memories.  It may be painful to wear it, or it may be a comfort.  I don’t know yet.  But I’ll finish it; knitting and purling all my grief into one garment.

Sick day plus Knitting

This collosal thing has landed itself in my head and won’t go away.  It is creeping into my sinus cavities and down into my throat.  And I can’t take any of the good drugs to make it go away. So I stayed home and slept today.  Oh, and watched House on Hulu until I fell asleep.

Then I got up. I can’t say I was a very productive member of society today, but I at least did some dishes and some laundry.

I also knit.  Not a lot, but a little bit.  Enough to finish a little project I was working on.

This is a teeny tiny little bag I made as an example for class.  It’s a bit more purple in real life, but oh well.  It was a quick picture.  A couple of my 7th grade girls have taken up knitting during their lunch period on Fridays with me.  They wanted to try something more difficult than scarves, so we are giving this little guy a try.  It’s basically a fat rectangle that is then sewn together and a button.  Cute.

At my knitting night, Emily made me giggle.  She was making BigFoot slippers.

I know you can’t really tell, but that slipper is over 15 inches long!  She will eventually felt them, but it didn’t stop me from giggling at them every now and then.  I probably could have fit both of my feet in there and still had wiggle room.

I’m off to bed to fight off the raging thing in my head and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

Long Weekend

Besides my really long Sunday morning, most of this weekend has been spent sort of lounging around and being sick. Miss R and I are taking a sick day today. We are both floating around 100 degrees, so we’re hanging here watching Dora and Sesame Street today.

I suppose I should catch up on some shoe pictures today.

Saturdays shoes went to a basketball game.


Several of my students are on a youth basketball league so I spent some time at the Middle School watching them play.

Sunday shoes had to battle Potty training and Church and then a few naps.


Monday shoes. Well, Monday didn’t really have shoes. Here we have my third and final pair of slippers from Christmas.


Here we are watching Sesame Street with Miss R.  We both got to stay home with fevers and a case of the winter ick.  After much catching up on my favorite children’s TV shows and a few naps, Miss R is feeling much better. Mommy, however is fighting off a sinus infection. Spring can’t come soon enough.

Hospital Shoes


While we were out Saturday night, enjoying ourselves with Gramma and Grampa’s tickets, Grampa got a ride to the hospital in an ambulance. Miss R spent about 4 hours in the emergency room with Gramma and Uncle Jon waiting for test results to come back for Grampa.

Grampa ended up having a mini stroke (at least that’s what they are calling it for those of us with little medical vocabulary). He is having a difficult time forming words and his left side is pretty numb/painful. He has been waiting all weekend for an MRI test. We won’t know until sometime on Monday if it is a clot and how bad it is.

On Sunday, he was sitting up for brief moments and talking in one word answers occasionally. He even managed a sentence or two throughout the day.

Keep Grampa in your thoughts today as he goes through his tests and all that a long hospital stay includes.

And don’t worry about Miss R. She is hardly traumatized by the whole thing and keeps telling us to “go get Grampa off his cot so he can play.” She doesn’t understand that Grampa probably won’t be able to play for a while yet, but that doesn’t stop her from telling us all about how he got to ride in the “ambalance” and go to the “hostibal” and lay on his “cot.”

I’ll let you know more when I find out.


Is that the number of toys Baby had out today? No.  Could it be the number of times she took her books off the shelf? Nope.  The number of minutes she napped?

No, that was the read out on the thermometer on Friday. So after I picked her up from daycare, and gave her some serious lovin’ and some tylenol, we cuddled up for a late afternoon nap.  She was pretty cranky all night, even waking us up around midnight to tell us how grumpy she was.

When we awoke after 7 (a miracle), panicked over why she got up so late, and took another temp reading, she was back to her very normal 98.6 degree self.  What could it be? we thought.  After a couple of hours of pondering, we discovered the solution to why our baby was so warm the night before. One of her wee little molars finally made its appearance. 

Our little baby is growing up and getting her big girl teeth.  At least there aren’t 103 of these left.

We’re Sick

We’re not sure whether it was Baby Rimes that brought the illness from daycare (currently there are several babies out with various illnesses), or if we shared our germs with her, but we know one thing for sure; we’re all sick. Stuffy noses, labored breathing, cloudy heads, and ringing eardrums are all now daily occurences in the Rimes household. After a trip to the doctor, some steroid injections, and a humidifier Baby Rimes managed to make it through the night only waking up and screaming at the top of her lungs twice. Mommy and I can’t wait until she develops something really nasty.

Hopefully as January comes to an end, the colds will as well.