Rejected Christmas Cards

Some years, our Christmas cards are given, like in 2009 when we had a brand new baby to show off, or the year we captured a little Miss R hanging ornaments and it was the only picture that wasn’t blurry.  Other years, we try so hard to come up with something clever/cute/funny/Christmas-y that we have a hard time picking out a good one.

Here are a couple of this year’s rejects.

Just a little too dark, I think.

(Disclaimer: the boy climbs in there all by himself with no prompting whatsoever and likes the door closed.  He likes it in there, really.)

Ben says this one is just too corny.  Plus only a few select friends and family would “get it.”

(The inside joke is that I can only hear clearly out of one ear.  This was one of my dad’s pieces, and he couldn’t hear either.)

The more important part of this joke is that my dad would have found it hilarious.  I’m still holding out for this one.


Want to see the final choice?  Well, you will just have to wait until I get them back from the printer.  Then, you’ll have to wait until I finally mail them out.  You’ll probably get it by New Year’s.




Today, we at the Rimes house would like to give thanks.

I’ll let you guess who is thankful for what.

We are thankful for good food, family and friends, trains, cake pops, and new twirly skirts. We are thankful for iphones, funny songs from children, pumpkin pie and grandmas.  We are thankful for health, happiness, technology, Quarto, and warm sweaters. We are also thankful for our far away family, squirrels who peek in windows, cake pops, and jobs.  We are thankful for our blessings, and the blessings of others, babies (who are not really babies anymore), little brothers, big sisters, and definitely cake pops.

Happy Thanksgiving

from the Rimes

Hi Blog

Long time, no post. I’m sorry for neglecting you. It’s not you, it’s just that, well, facebook has sucked me in. It got me all excited about it’s quick updates, and then there’s that whole reading a little bit of everyone else’s lives right there. But, I won’t let that come between us again.

And I won’t even think about hooking up with Twitter. Promise.

Would you like to see a picture?

Here’s a couple from the last few weeks:

Love, me

Hibernation Sets In

It is the first really cold, wet, rainy day of fall around here. To celebrate, I made a loaf of bread. Because, seriously, what’s better on an icky, rainy day than fresh bread and a good nap?

I feel that I should be hunkered down in bed with the kids, under the covers, reading a good book. Maybe some chicken noodle soup on the stove.

But we all know, little children do not cuddle for long. They like to wrestle with the sheets, tear paper, and bite their mommy’s toes.

Oysters & Fireworks

This may very well be my last post from Geneva, depending on how much time I can carve out of our graduation day on Friday, so I thought I’d make it a first, for both piggie and me!

I’ve never been much of a connoisseur of seafood. Sure, I enjoy a nice fillet, and the occasional pot of muscles, but I’ve tried to stay clear of oysters. There’s something about the idea of putting a raw, slimy, slug-like object in my mouth that has kept me from enjoying them…until last Saturday that is! I enjoyed several very salty, yet slightly sweet, soft yummy oysters, fresh out of their shells. If you’ve never had fresh oysters in a sunny farmer’s market in Southern France, I highly recommend it :)

As for piggie, he enjoyed his very first “Swiss Day” fireworks. The first of August is the Swiss equivalent of the 4th of July in the U.S., and they certainly know how to party here in Switzerland. Just a bit down the hill from the John Knox Center, piggie and Daddy R traveled down to the festival square where we enjoyed fries, soup, and sausage (although piggie not so much on the sausage). Afterward we hung out with a group of friends to watch a fireworks show that would have been far too close to the crowd in the U.S. for litigious reasons, but close enough that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Enjoy the pictures!

Piggie Pigs Out!

Daddy Rimes has been trying to live a bit more frugally than I did last year while in Geneva, and thus I’ve been eating my own homemade dinner of delicious cured meats, yogurt, and other goodies from the fancy French supermarket nearby. That is, until Wednesday evening, when I just couldn’t take another homemade sandwich. So piggie and I ventured out with a group of people from the grad program, and headed out to Fifty-Fifty, one of the BEST Italian restaurants in Geneva. The Pizza Capricciosa was fantastic, complete with the fried egg in the middle, but piggie thought the Salade Nicoise was quite delectable.

The gruff-voiced owner was even nice enough to bring a special ice cream treat for piggie, complete with a cute little cowboy hat. On the way home, piggie felt like it would be fun to play some pool, so we stopped at a local sports bar (plastered with Spanish flags from the recent World Cup victory), and played a game of billiards while enjoying a nightcap.

Daddy Rimes Back in Geneva (and my computer hates it)

It’s late July, the humidity in Michigan is stifling, and families everywhere across the Northern Hemisphere are vacationing in the sun. Which means Daddy Rimes is spending three weeks away from his family in the Swiss town of Geneva. Doing what you ask? Being a geek, talking about games in education, computer programming, web development/coding, and many other forms of geekery.

Why then would my computer hate all this as the title implies? Because yesterday, in an attempt to strike fear into the rest of electronic devices, I flung my laptop from my backpack onto the floor; the stone slate floor, from quite a considerable height. Apparently zipping your backpack closed is a good idea before slinging it onto your back, and while the laptop suffered quite a nasty blow, you have to give Apple a HUGE amount of credit for making such excellent hardware, and then wrapping it with a sturdy aluminum shell. Thus far, my laptop has continued to function admirably, and I have my fingers crossed that all of the damage is purely cosmetic.

Piggie has full faith that my laptop will continue to perform above and beyond it’s normal call of duty given it’s harsh treatment.

Little Ballerina Girl

Our little ballerina had her recital a couple of weeks ago, and I forgot to post some pictures.  I don’t have many, because they asked us not to take any while they were up dancing, but I do have a couple from the day to share.

First, she wanted to do her own makeup.

We remedied this before we got on stage.

There was much anticipation and she had a great time playing with friends backstage before her two dances.  The first was ballet to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” The second dance was tap to “Baby Take a Bow.”  Both were very good.  I was very impressed with her performance mostly because the day before during rehearsal, she just stood there like a bright eyed lump.  But, she pulled through when it counted and did all her steps that they had been practicing since January.

After the show, she got lots of flowers, and enjoyed all the attention from everyone.

Even the Donut enjoyed it.

That’s what it’s for!

Daddy told me a funny story and I just had to share it.
Last night, I was away at the library knitting while Daddy took care of the kids. Donut was getting a bath, and Miss R was helping out.
She really likes helping out with bath time.
Anyway, they’re doing the bath thing when the baby does what babies tend to do in warm water; he made a fountain.
Miss R takes a look at Old Faithful and then says to Daddy, “So that’s what it’s for!”