Sunshine and Rain

Yesterday, it was sunny and 86.  We played in the pool, planted flowers, and sat around soaking up the sun.  After the wild child went inside, it was time for the little guy to come out and play.

We splashed in the water!*

We crawled through the water! **

We checked out Mommy’s camera!

It was a lovely 20 minutes of playtime before the sun threatened to burn little skin and big skin alike.

Then, today, it was the total opposite.  It rained. It thundered.  But no lightning! That means it’s time for puddle jumping!

A good thing we had umbrellas to keep the rain off our heads.

We wouldn’t want to get wet in the rain.

I’ll bet that one makes a splash!

Mommy had to show her how it was done.  No really.  Ms. R refused to jump in the puddles until I did.  Then there was no stopping her!

Definitely a good holiday weekend.

*Pardon the naked bum.  It was much easier to send him out naked than to deal with soggy diapers.

**The little floating petals are left over from Ms. R’s attempt at becoming a water fairy.  It is a known fact that you cannot become a fairy without having peony petals in the water.  Hopefully, there weren’t enough for Donut to become a fairy.

Finished Knitting and Children

Without listing all the excuses for why I haven’t updated in a while, I’ll just give you some pictures.

Donut and Miss R

The kids hanging out together.


Finished February’s socks (on March 5th, a little late, but totally done!). These are Bellatrix pattern-slightly modified to skip the yo’s on the instep since they were a bit bulky.  The yarn is Happy Feet.  Loved it.


Donut likes the socks.

nom nom

He also likes chewing on his wooden spoon.  It’s quite tasty I hear.  He has also started eating rice cereal. I have a movie of that, but haven’t been able to pull it off the camera and edit it yet.  Will try to post it soon.  He LOVES his rice cereal.  This kid is going to be a champion eater for sure.  I’ll have to start saving now for when he’s a teenager and eating everything in the house.


A finished sweater vest. Mondo Cable vest by Chic Knits.  I used the Shepherd’s Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill-local to Michigan! The color is Spring Green, so appropriate!  I have an extra skein left over that will become matching mitts, hat, or cowl.  I haven’t quite decided yet.

sleepy Donut

All that knitting and posing for the camera has made us sleepy!

Aside from all the knitting I’m getting accomplished, I’m also working on my thesis.  It’s not going great, but I’m slowly plugging away at it. I’m still gathering resources because my adviser wants the books/articles first before I start working too hard on the rest.  Which means, I’m making a list, but not actually researching anything as of yet.  This thesis stuff is so not mu cup of tea.  But if it means I will have a Master’s Degree, then so be it.  I wonder if I get a raise?