Hi Blog

Long time, no post. I’m sorry for neglecting you. It’s not you, it’s just that, well, facebook has sucked me in. It got me all excited about it’s quick updates, and then there’s that whole reading a little bit of everyone else’s lives right there. But, I won’t let that come between us again.

And I won’t even think about hooking up with Twitter. Promise.

Would you like to see a picture?

Here’s a couple from the last few weeks:

Love, me

May Day

As I was looking through my picture files for something completely unrelated, I stumbled upon this…

This photo was taken one year ago today.  Just look at those chubby little legs! And the bald little head.  And the cute wittle sweepy baby!  (sorry-I can’t help it)  Plus, he’s sleeping. He doesn’t do that so much anymore.

Today, he is a rambunctious ball of energy that rarely slows down.

He loves to ride his little red bike.  This was last week.  It was nice enough that we ventured out for an afternoon of fun.

He loves to cuddle with his daddy and pretend to be all cozy when really he is planning how to take over the computer and mash buttons until he writes emails to all daddy’s friends.

And sometimes, he looks all cute and sleepy.

But that would be crazy, because really, this is a picture of Donut having a major meltdown.  He doesn’t sleep like this EVER. He’s much too busy playing and being busy, busy, busy.


I know it’s a day late, but here’s what I’m thankful for…

Spring rains and puddles to jump into.

Good books.

Growing up.

Safe travels.

Good friends (and carousels!)

Delicious Swiss yarn.

Family near and far.

Not looking like this anymore.

This little guy (who was only a little late).

This graceful girl.

And this rather excellent family.

There’s a whole lot more I’m thankful for, but if I add any more pictures, my mom will never forgive me for bogging down her computer connection.  Hope you all had a great year too!

Hibernation Sets In

It is the first really cold, wet, rainy day of fall around here. To celebrate, I made a loaf of bread. Because, seriously, what’s better on an icky, rainy day than fresh bread and a good nap?

I feel that I should be hunkered down in bed with the kids, under the covers, reading a good book. Maybe some chicken noodle soup on the stove.

But we all know, little children do not cuddle for long. They like to wrestle with the sheets, tear paper, and bite their mommy’s toes.

Mermaids and Sprouts

This weekend was Halloween.  I don’t mean Sunday was Halloween.  I mean this weekend was Halloween.

On Friday, Miss R dressed up at school, had a party, did the parade, the whole bit.


Saturday was downtown trick or treat.  So we all dressed up to go downtown and grab some candy and ride the carousel.  The carousel was AWESOME all decked out in spooky finery.  The headless horseman was even riding the UofM horse.

H was riding the horse with a purple pimp hat.  Not sure how that happened.  The baby tiger on the Benton Harbor Tiger was adorable!

Since we were downtown, a family photo on the cannon was in order.

And of course, we fired the baby out of the cannon.


Then, on Sunday night (you’ll note that this was actually October 31st) we all went out to do some trick or treating.  This was the first year that Miss R really ventured out for candy.  We walked around for about an hour and got 42 pieces of candy (she counted).  Which I think is the perfect amount of candy for a 5 year old and her parents.


*Original plan was a Munchkin for Donut.  The weather declared that he only wear the hat, so he became a sprout.  I’m sure he’ll thank us for it when he turns 13. His hat was knit by Nicole of Knerq for Miss R years ago, and then a flower pin added for fun.

**A gray wig was as dressed up as I got on Saturday.  It was very last minute when Donut woke up from his nap just in time to go trick or treating with Miss R and Ben. After seeing this picture, I’m not so worried about getting gray hair, it’s not that bad.

***Miss R as Ariel the little mermaid.  I made her tail out of the most horrible, no-good, super stretchy, sparkly, tail fabric I could find.  She loved it.

Random Photo Thursday

I realize I haven’t posted much recently.  I have a ton of excuses, but mostly, it’s just that I had other things to do than bother taking the photos from my camera and putting them on the computer.  So, let’s catch up, shall we?

A random face painting day where I let Miss R paint on my legs while I did something else.  It really tickled.

There was also a kitty face, and random arm tattoos.  Then, she was tired of face painting and resorted to the markers.

Someone found the pots and pans cabinet!

Miss R and a neighbor friend playing fairies.

And a wee little viking.  He didn’t want to wear his hat.*

Hey kid, Vikings aren’t supposed to smile. They are supposed to plunder and pillage.

*I’ve been knitting this hat for a while now.  It was much bigger than the recommended 3-6 month size.  More like a 12-18 month size with options to make it an adult size.

The First Day of School

(as posted on the second day of school)

The ever important staged first day of school photo. Cute outfit-check, new backpack-check, stupid grin because Mom tells you to-check.

We walked to school.  Even though they called and offered us a bus.  Even though we live 2 blocks away.  We walked anyway.  It was a beautiful day and the birds were singing about going back to school.  At least that’s what I think they were singing about.  It could have been something about how delicious bugs are.

And a picture with Abe.  Because Miss R goes to school at Lincoln.  Get it?  Very cool.

She was super excited, and very shy on her first day.  Today, on the other hand, she was so excited that she started asking 3 hours before school started, “when do I go to school?” and continued every 20 minutes until it was time to go.

I think she likes it.

And I didn’t even cry.